迷你小iPhone?还是iPhone 5se? 5s Plus?在很长一段时间的流言之后,我们终于拿到手拆解了iPhone SE。和5s相同价格却有更好的镜头,我们很激动看见现有的苹果新技术完美融入到了一个新机身中。就像墨西哥Taco Bell一样——同样的配料,菜单上新菜品。让我们拆解它吧!

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这个拆解是不是维修指南。 要维修你的的iPhone SE,请使用我们的服务手册

  • 旧的不去,新的不来。在看似熟悉的外表下面,隐藏着更简约的配置:

    • 苹果A9处理器与嵌入式M9运动协处理器

    • 16或64GB内存

    • 4英寸大的1136 x 640 (326 ppi) Retina 显示屏

    • 1200万像素iSight后置摄像机支持4K视频录制,像素间距为1.22微米,120万像素的f/2.4 FaceTime前置高清摄像头

    • 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi‑Fi + 蓝牙 4.2 + NFC + 19-band LTE

    • Touch ID支持用户授权和Apple Pay


  • 把我们注意力转移到玫瑰金的后机壳,我们注意到了手机型号——A1662,以前从未见过。

  • 除了颜色,在一个并排的对比中,SE几乎和它的前任无法辨认。

    • 我们并不惊讶。SE是5s的一个巨大升级,他们有同样的显示屏和Touch ID传感器,并且有同样尺寸。

  • 一个新的特点是,我们可以发现是显示器周围的雾面倒角边缘。


  • 现在开始我们不喜欢的一步。 五角螺丝 :一个五角螺丝提醒你,苹果真心希望你不要打开你的设备。

    • 仍然,这些五角螺丝非常可爱,颜色是和手机搭配的玫瑰金。

  • 把漂亮的粉红色螺丝放在一边,我们用iSclack打开手机——没有任何麻烦,搭配玫瑰金的粘合剂。相比于苹果的S系列 旗舰机型,这个打开的过程完全是小菜一碟。

    • 我们曾推测,在6s和6s Plus里的显示屏衬垫有防水或加固的作用以支持3D Touch。这个机型它消失了,一些初步测试表明,它是加固作用。


  • 就像在iPhone 5S中,潜伏在SE的显示屏下方我们发现了熟悉的触摸ID缆线陷阱

    • 对于那些不知道的看客,这种缆线增加了拆卸时的危险,如不先卸下支架和断开电缆,显示屏拉开太远,可能会导致电缆意外损坏。

  • 我们渴望做一些比较和配件测试——但是,安全第一。让我们首先来断开电池!

This guide would be a lot more useful and accessible if it didn't assume knowledge or pre-reading of past iPhone teardowns.

cromas - 回复

This isn't really meant to be a guide of any kind, it's more of a look-and-see/show-and-tell kind of thing. While some teardowns are perfectly fine for disassembly guide, that isn't really the goal.

Nick Hughes -

I opened my iPhone to find its missing the metal cover that goes over the ribbon attaching the screen to the rest of the phone (the lego piece attachment by home button). Is it a big deal that my phone doesn’t have that piece? Or should I buy a replacement for for it?

Currently my phone wont turn on or charge..could that missing cover be the reason? Right now I’m thinking it has to do with logic board having already replaced charging port to eliminate that as a cause.

Tye Hegre - 回复

  • 显示屏就卸下来了!

  • 并排对比了5s(左)和SE (右)显示了......他们几乎是一模一样!

    • 相似之处比表面看起来还要多。一个小测试后,我们发现5s显示屏和SE换上就能用——外表、接口和功能都是是相同的。这意味着替换零件相应的指南已经是现成的了!

Hello, I saw Step 5 second picture,

If iPhone SE installed 5S screen assembly, and then power on, to open the camera app, switch to the selfie shots, and turn on the flash, 5S screen will detect light with pre-flash white balance, and then to 300% brightness light-emitting it? I was wondering whether 5S screen is working? thank you!

Feng John - 回复

Just to confirm, The iphone se can has its screen replaced with an iphone 5s screen? Are they completely interchangeable?

Tony Jackson - 回复

I was told by the guy that replaced my screen that the aftermarket screens for 5S do not work properly on SE. I don't know if that was accurate, but he does a lot of them. It's possible that there's an issue with the other accessories attached to the screen.

FWIW, the clone screen he put on mine (which was supposedly intended for the SE, but I wouldn't rule out the possibility of these discount direct export companies putting the wrong product in the wrong box) ended up with me back there twice because the light/proximity sensor did not work. He ended up slapping on the front end of a traded-in SE just to get me happy and out of there. For the curious, the clone screen also had markedly worse colors (which were inconsistent within the screen itself), screen-door effect, build quality, and touch sensing (ghost presses). For some reason my touch ID sensor didn't seem to ever align properly in it either, and the low-light proximity sensor, for the five minutes it worked each time, was blue instead of red.

Dylan Colborne - 回复

  • 不必重蹈覆辙——我们有这个好用的电池拉条!

  • iPhone SE的锂离子电池为3.82 V, 6.21瓦时, 1624毫安时。从5s的1560毫安时电池容量上有小小(但显著地)增加。

    • 虽然它并不像较大 iPhone 6s(更耗电)的1715毫安时的电池,苹果号称这种电池续航时间为长达10天的待机,14个小时的通话时间, 13小时视频播放。

  • 尽管显示屏是可互换的, 但SE的电池连接器和5s的不同。因此,很遗憾,不能用SE的电池替换5s的。

can i just the the whole backboard some where?

jesus loya - 回复

If you're changing housings might as well just leave the battery for last

gpersaud - 回复

  • 接下来,我们拆去升级的后置摄像头。

  • 虽然它看起来和5s摄像头(左)很相似,但 SE的摄像头(右)接口上引脚较少。

    • 你认为这些额外的百万像素会由于流量过大卡在接口吗?

  • 在SE的iSight后置摄像头分辨率一下子提高到1200万像素,但是从5s的1.5μm像素间距下降至1.22μm

  • 由于这些摄像头和iPhone 6s 主摄像头 是完全相同的规格,我们希望摄像头可以互换——但很可惜,我们的希望破灭了。

It actually looks like the number of pins are similar between the two camera connectors; I count 32 on the left connector (16 x 2) and 30 on the right (15 x 2).

shawnbarden - 回复

Guys, is it possible to turn rear camera to 90 degrees to record widescreen video with holding phone vertical? Maybe with some cable extender or etc?

It is really annoying that you must always hold phone horizontally to make normal videos, still the camera manufacturers can't make camera which shoot widescreen on any side... or very obvious design flaw by Apple - why they even offer users to make vertical videos with vertical bars? No one needs them.

Alexon - 回复

Do you think I can buy a SE camera and put on 5S ?

robin050 - 回复

no you cant at all it says that

Trans1000 -

where can I purchase an iPhone SE camera?

Leslie Veizaga - 回复

@sam @andrew

Hey I’m curious how small the actual camera sensor is? It seems very small for its resolution. I know these days it’s all about the colors but wondering how much resolution a camera can have. 50MP isn’t enough for me! Let’s go higher!

Padraic Hoselton - 回复

The sensor size is the same as the 6s, i’ve seen “1/3″ (4.80 x 3.60 mm)” on the internets. I’m not sure about theoretical megapixel limits, but I think a common new camera system is using multiple, specialized, image sensors for better clarity and performance in varying lighting conditions. So “better” pixels over “more” pixels.

Sam Lionheart -

  • 我们继续带给你更多的拆解!

  • 我们在Creative Electron的朋友们已经把他们的拆解带到了X光的级别

  • 来享受这个视觉盛宴吧,三代的iPhone 5。

  • 不过讲真,唯一显眼的区别在于手机的苹果标志。

  • iPhone 5和5s之间的Touch ID缆线,在SE中继续延用。

Sans compter le fait que la carte mère a complètement été revue à chaque génération.

Guillaume Volery - 回复

  • 拆出扬声器组件,震动器,拆出SIM卡和卡托!

  • 我们的测试证实了对应的这些配件和5s在外形和功能上完全一样。他们栓正确的,而且他们的工作就像一个魅力。整齐!

    • 玫瑰金仍然只有SE才有,所以你可能需要升级才能做到颜色匹配

  • 另外要注意的是:防水密封!泡沫硅胶密封件环绕在一些,但不是所有——逻辑主板接口。

    • 前置摄像头,音量控制和后置摄像头的接口都得到高超的防水处理,而液晶,数字转换器,电池和Lightning接口组件似乎都没有防水。

Yea…found that one out first hand earlier today when my SE fell out of my breast pocket (I thought was buttoned) into the deap end of the pool. I snached quickly and it was not in water for more then 2 seconds and towel dried then into bag of rice for several hours. My phone now has vertical barring, fading icons, and problematic home button. Came to this site to check how to open up the phone and was able to fix all the problems but my rear facing camera is also attached to the back of the screen opposite side of the touch cable and I must have loosed the attachment point because the rear facing camera is not working. Going back in to see what is going on with that. And it was not stressed s enough that the touch cable is a x*%ch of a connector to put back…word of warning especially those with larger digiets.

Neal William Miller - 回复

  • 我们终于把Lightning接口组件从SE拆出来了。

  • 看上去和5s组件很相似,但是接口不同;我们不能把5s/SE互换。

    • 也许这是一个USB3.0的改变?欢迎大家的猜想。


  • 我们从逻辑板弹出讨厌的后部接口,并可随时查看我们达到的辉煌成就!

    • 苹果A9系统芯片 APL1022 + SK海力士2 GB 内存 LPDDR4标记为H9KNNNBTUMUMR - NLH

    • 高通MDM9625MLTE调制解调器 (和iPhone6/6 Plus一样)

    • 高通WTR1625LRF传送接收器(和iPhone 6/6 Plus一样)

    • 高通QFE1100包络跟踪IC (和6s/6s Plus, 6/6 Plus一样)

    • Skyworks SKY77611四频功率放大器模块

  • 我们想对我们在Chipworks公司朋友表达无尽地感谢,感谢他们帮助我们辨认所有这些芯片!查看他们的拆解了解iPhone SE内部更多的芯片。


  • 在背面有更多的芯片!

    • 东芝THGBX5G7D2KLDXG 16G NAND 闪存

    • 339S00134 (可能是Universal Scientific Industrial 339S00043 Wi-Fi 模块)

    • 苹果/Dialog 338S00170 电源管理 IC

    • NXP 66V10 NFC 控制器 and 1610A3 充电 IC (在iPhone 6s/6s Plus中见过)

    • Skyworks的SKY77826超低频段功率放大器双工器和SKY77357 2G / EDGE功率放大器模块(可能是SKY77336的迭代)

    • 苹果/ Cirrus Logic公司338S00105和338S1285音频IC(在iPhone6s/6s Plus中见过)

    • 高通WFR1620接收器(在iPhone6/6 Plus中见过)


  • 让我们继续来辨认芯片。。。

    • Avago的ACPM-8020中频带功率双向放大器(在iPhone 6 Plus中见过)

    • Qorvo(TriQuint公司)TQF6410低频段功率双向放大器(在iPhone 6 Plus中见过)

    • TDK EPCOS D5255 多样性接收模块

    • 高通 PM8019 PMIC (在iPhone 6/6 Plus中见过)

    • Qorvo(RF Micro Devices)RF5159天线开关模块(在iPhone 6/6 Plus中见过)

    • InvenSense的EMS-A6轴陀螺仪和加速计组合

    • 博通BCM5976触摸屏控制器(最早见于iPhone5)


  • 哇哦——看起来按钮缆线比上次变得更复杂了。

  • 电源开关支架现在和电缆有某种接触机关,而不是一个简单的搭扣,这是前所未有的。

  • 拆除这些,我们就到达后机壳了!

Any clear idea where the NFC antenna is? is that it on the back, or the new "inlaid SS Apple logo?"

I've waited YEARS for the iPhone to finally adopt NFC and Qi charging like my trusty Nexus 4, they're halfway there...!

David Spalding - 回复

Im going to say that the extra bit on the power volume flex is the NFC antenna. That is the only reason for Apple to add that extra little bit. All of the other antennas look to be the same from the 5S so this would be the new antenna for NFC.

Alec -

The NFC antenna is the top bezel itself, the connector is the screw post on the top right of the logic board, which connects to the extra piece on the power button flex.

Tom Chai -

Hi, has anyone heard if you can move a custom colored iphone 5s housing on an SE yet ?

andrebhr - 回复

If you mean a case/cover, the dimensions are the same. So cases for the 5 and 5s will fit the SE.

Was that your question? :}

David Spalding -

No, i mean is the rear case replacement of the Se identical with the iPhone 5s ?

andrebhr -

From the x-ray shot in step 8 the screw placement and parts dimensions are extremely similar so it seems likely that a custom rear housing meant for a 5S would work. However, there are some other variables like screw size that are harder to judge from that image. It would be interesting to know for sure though.

bryancloud -

What material of apple logo ? It is return X-Ray )))

Pavel - 回复

  • iPhone SE 可修复性得分:10分中得到了6分 (10分是最容易修复的)

    • 显示屏组件易于拆卸,简化了维修时屏幕更换过程。

    • 尽管严格意义上,拆电池对于普通用户来说不太容易,但对专业人士是小菜一碟。

    • 用户拆开手机时不小心很容易扯断Touch ID电线。

    • iPhone SE在外部仍然使用五角螺丝,使得没有特殊工具将难以拆开。

  • 维修最难的部分是知道要做什么。多亏了SE和5s的相似性,我们的维修指南已经是现成的了——快来查看吧




这些翻译人员帮助我们修复这个世界! 想要作出贡献?
开始翻译 ›

From your original picture, it appears the on/off switch in on the top. Is this correct? (I HATE the switch on the side).

Gail - 回复

Yup! The power button is in the same top position as it was in the 5s (and older) models.

Evan Noronha -

Thanks for the clarity! I really hate the side on/off button placement on the 6's. Stupid.

Gail -

It needs to be on the side for the 6 and on as they are a lot bigger and it is ergonomically impossible to place the power button on the top or you'd have to stretch your finger to reach it. By the way I agree with you.

es-webb -

Can you confirm that the display assemblies are exactly the same? Including the mid frame latches/clips? Would the display right out of an iPhone 5 not only function, but fit perfectly as well?

The Stem - 回复

The display on an iPhone 5 is significantly different from the one found in the 5s, however we've tested and confirmed that the displays that ship with the 5s and SE are interchangeable with respect to fitment and function (and they weigh the same to the nearest .1 g).

Evan Noronha -

Sorry, that was a typo! I meant 5s... so this confirms we should be able to use existing stock of iPhone 5s in the iPhone SE without issue?

The Stem -

Are you able to determine if the glass used on the SE is as durable as the 5S? Had my SE for 2 months now and it's badly marked. My 5S display lasted it's entire lifetime without a scratch.

Iestyn Lloyd -

I can confirm that the displays are in fact different. Using an iPhone 5S screen on an iPhone SE will work, but the screen will be flickering and also have vertical lines all over it (looks like when the touch controller is broken).

Marcus Friberg -

Marcus, they are in fact the same screen. If you have flickering then it could be due to disconnecting the battery without turning it off. If you have lines then you have FPC seating failure. I would double check your screen and quality.

Eddie -

Do you see any water resistance material added to SE?

joshua2o - 回复

No, there is none that I can see.

Eddie -

A superb tear-down, as usual. Thank you :)

I wonder how much caffeine iFixit editors drink before writing up the copy, since the "unfunny-isms" seem to be in place, as usual - failed attempts to be "quirky and witty" fall flat on their faces. If you'd focus on the hardware, there's plenty of comedians in the world, and - sorry to say - you fail at any hope of putting them out of work.

Stick to the tech, kill the quips.

Matt Foot - 回复

Different people have different senses of humor. While the quirkiness doesn't make me laugh outright, it doesn't bother me in the slightest.

If it really bothers you that much, I can only recommend you lighten up.

Ties Koot -

How about the prox/ face camera? Same as 5s? Or different? And volume flex? Looks like 5C

nexusnl - 回复

Prox looks to be the same, but iFixit didn't reveal that part to us.

Power volume flex is a bit different, I believe that it has the NFC antenna on the end of it.

Alec -

They are in fact the same and you will have no issues.

Eddie -

Can anyone confirm if the SE has the same NVME storage controller found in the 6s? That's pretty much the last thing that's holding me back from purchasing the SE as I am pleased with the rest of the components I've seen so far.

Austin - 回复

It may possibly, but I only know of this being used in the higher capacity models of the 6S? Maybe the 64 GB SE has it, but its not a guarantee.

Alec -

Is the chassis the same as/interchangeable with the 5s?

kroboz - 回复

We'll do some further testing to verify, but yes, everything looks like it bolts right up.

Jeff Suovanen -

any news about transplanting the logic board from an SE into a 5S? only difference I found on the Pics was the battery connector.

milankieserling -

No they are different with a few of the standoffs being located differently.

Eddie -

You can install se logic board in 5s chassis, but you'll need to transplant se power button flex ,volume controller flex to 5s too.

Ariunbold Enkhbold -

are the unitbody exchangable between 5s and SE then?

colinshum - 回复

No they are not.

Eddie -

yes they are interchangable

Ariunbold Enkhbold -

I understand that display is compatible with iPhone 5s from the writeup, but does it mean Front Facing Camera Flash is also working when iPhone SE has 5S Display?

Sudev G - 回复

Yes! Of course, the flash is a software feature, it just lights up the screen, no special hardware required.

djlobb01 -

Thank you very much

Bruce - 回复

Keep up the humour, ignore that other guy, you guys are awesome.

Noah O'Donoghue - 回复

Does the new Apple logo act as some kind of antenna?

Ed Chen - 回复

No, it's just a lump of steel.

Tom Chai -

I think I know the answer already... But it is possible to upgrade to a 6s fingerprint sensor/button? Are they interchangeable?

Whitling2k - 回复

That's not likely as there are a number of obstacles to overcome. First, the cable design is completely different. The 6s home button connects to the display assembly and the cable's routed through the top of the display. Secondly, the connector design is significantly different. And, if these weren't issues, you'd still need to calibrate the logic board to the new Touch ID sensor which, as of now, only Apple can do.

Evan Noronha -

The iPhone SE shipped in china seems to have a different screen. The border of the display is yellow which looks not comfortable. One of the explanations is the color temperature mechanism. But the yellow border is not uniform distribution. So l doubt the quality of the low-priced iPhone. Can anyone help me out?

Cen li - 回复

This happened to me in America too, many of the displays are bad. Even after I replaced it I can see a dark area near the top edge on white screens, but not as badly as the first one. Most people speculate that it is a flaw due to LED backlighting yields.

I would replace it if you can, it is a defect and some people have state it can get worse over time.

jase240 -

Has there been any testing of retina flash with use of iPhone 5s display part in iPhone SE?

Is the iPhone 5s FaceTime camera installed in iPhone SE capable of taking live photos?

lukeankrum - 回复

Any info on SE mic/speakerphone and audio/DAC components? I use my iPhone speakerphone for over 90% of my calls, so I'm curious how well it does in terms of speaker volume and clarity at both ends, also how well the DAC does for music playback through decent headphones. How do these components compare to other models? Thanks for your continued informative work!

Philip - 回复

Ummm, wait, same display as 5s? That mean yelowing/ pink issue in all 5 family display gonna happend in SE? thats not good

skywalkercau - 回复

So can I place SE's motherboard into my 5S? I could receive updates even in 2020, if that is possible

froggymate95 - 回复

Wouldn't work, as quite a few of the parts don't swap. Camera, dock connector, etc.

Todd -

Would the new bigger battery from this SE swap into a 5s? Sounds like an easy way to gain a few miliamps...

Todd -

"Despite the apparently interchangeable displays, the SE's battery connector differs from that of the 5s. So, no chance to supercharge your old 5s, unfortunately." No, you would need to swap motherboards in order to do that(

froggymate95 -

Like never before? You mean with removable battery and SD card slot?

ZippyDSMlee - 回复

Hey guys,

Is it possible to replace touch id in iPhone SE with home button from iPhone 4S ? Have you tried that ?

uzza17 - 回复

4s? did you mean 5s? No touch ID is interchangeable for Touch ID function. But as a home button only yes the 5s/SE will work either way.

Eddie -

I'm no apple fanboy but pentalobe screwdrivers are pretty much everywhere. Every screen you buy comes with one. I don't think it has ever ever increased the difficulty of a repair for me.

Rob Etere - 回复

True, but for those that this is their first repair then it can cause a hiccup.

Eddie -

I'm no apple fan boy and i know they are proprietary but pentalobe screws don't make it more difficult to repair. Pentalobe screwdrivers are pretty much in most kits. It's never stopped me replacing a screen. In fact everytime you buy a screen you get another screwdriver.

Rob Etere - 回复

Some don't ship with kits. Just depends on where you buy.

Eddie -

Does anyone know if the Apple used the higher strength aluminum for the SE?

Ed Chen - 回复

In Australia we have great distances between towers and I've found it near impossible to get any specs on receptivity. Anyone help? How do iPhones compare with each other?


Stuart - 回复

Has anyone got some specs on reception quality. Are these SE's as good as the 4S on reception ?

Stuart - 回复

Can you provide any info on how strong is the back camera lens cover glued to case? Can it be easily pushed in from the outside?

This happened on my old iPhone 5, when I accidentaly applied a little pressure on camera lens cover with my finger (like the adhesive would give up or something). And I am wondering if iPhone SE is also vulnerable to this (if it has the same design around the camera at all)? If anyone else has/had the similar issue, let me know, thanks.

Mirage - 回复

Does the an iPhone 5s lcd screen fit on the iphone SE?

FixLounge - 回复

yes it does.

Eddie -

I would be curious to see if these parts could fit into this back housing http://www.ebay.com/itm/Back-Rear-Housin...

would be an interesting project and if it works, you'd have an SE the way it should have looked.

timbsales - 回复

Done it with my SE and it looks amazing. I got the mini ip7 rear housing from aliexpress instead tho.

neil robinson -

Step 9

Do you think they could have put the 5mp front camera from the 6s in?

steelersfan2493 - 回复

hi friends, i have a question

The Touch ID are the same the iPhone 5s, so i see one different --the rubber-- covering the lens between the Tocuh ID and Case of iPhone, this piece that prevents dust and water from entering.

the iPhone SE hasn't ?

thank you for you answer

zaerohell - 回复

Is it possible to stick all the SE insides into a 5c. Looks like 5c runs like a Se

japanthejoelious - 回复

Unfortunately no.

Eddie -

SO the camera is not interchangeable?

Joe - 回复

The front facing camera is interchangeable but the rear camera is different

Eddie -

is it possible to install motherboard iphone se to back cover iphone5s? is them are same?

an le - 回复

i really want to know that, too.

milankieserling -

No it is not the same and can not.

Eddie -

Hi i'm from indonesia. I want to ask you, can the case of iphone se replace on iphone 5s? So it's look like iphone se but the machine is still iphone 5s. Thanks

molisibarani - 回复

the cases for the iphone 5s and the SE will be the same.

Eddie -

I have a damaged SE body with broken screen and im planning on replacing the body and display, as far as you said I can replace the screen with a 5s. Can I buy a body from a 5s and migrate all the components of the SE to the 5s body? As far as i saw are most likely the same but you said no and then the last comment confused me

aguila50003 - 回复

I can confirm that you can a use iPhone 5s housing with Iphone SE inturnals.

simonruddick2 -

what is the screen on the se made out of

Ruben Larrosa - 回复

I keep seeing that the 5S and SE have the exact same display, front camera etc. However iFixit says that the full screen assembly that includes the front camera, ear speaker and everything is not compatible with the SE, just the screen digitizer is. Does anyone know why this is???

robhopkins - 回复

Different connectors, presumably.

Nikola Wozniak -

I bought the full screen assembly for 5s trying to put it in my SE. had ease installing the part, however it does not work

Kent Hubbard - 回复

How bout body quality its still same as 5s? Because i see abit different ok se with abit dark colour on space grey. And apple logo also different.

Jack Yui - 回复

Would i be able to put the internals of a 5S into an SE body?

Looking they would fit and be mint but unsure

maddog256 - 回复

alguien sabe si se puede pasar las piezas internas como batería,placa,jack de carga,cámara y pantalla de un iPhone 5s al cuerpo de un iPhone 5se

davidolivares29 - 回复

is i phone se and iphone 5 are compatible? just like the board?

yvonedconcepcion - 回复

Can i use a 5s housing for my iphone se motherboard?

pookiejj08 - 回复

Is is possible to place the internals of an SE in to a 5c case? From the images, it looks like it shouldn't be too difficult...

Nikola Wozniak - 回复

is it possible to put iPhone 7 rear front facing camera in iPhone SE?

kelvin danso - 回复

Hi I have the iPhone SE and have been experiencing issues with network and have done everything suggested up to removing and replacing the SIM card and still saying searching. Would this be a disconnected antenna and is there a way to determine if this is what the problem is? I have all other services and capabilities working aside from the phone use

Tim Steer - 回复

I have the iPhone SE and having problems with phone capabilities of tried everything up to removing the Sim card and reinstalling everything else is working. could this be an antenna disconnect?

Tim Steer - 回复

Is the speaker (speakerphone) in the SE same/lound as the one that is in the 5S. Thanks in advance.

Mike - 回复

Yes I have the both

martinezsaul73 -


Wait so a iPhone 5s camera can fit inside the iPhone se and function well I'm talkin about the rear

martinezsaul73 - 回复

Can i put everything in my SE into an empty 5s/5 case? (se case banged up but phone works really good, screen is scratch-free)

Tuncay Yuksel - 回复

I cannot do/ tap anything on my screen, What should I do? (cannot restart because in order to restart you have to swipe across the screen in iphone se

Leo Lai - 回复

Try the reset combo - power plus home button

es-webb -

Is it possible to use a 5S powerbutton/volume-flex in a SE?

Jo Christian Sandvik - 回复

i’m so sad - no iPhone SE X-ray wallpaper blogpost? :(

Esa Ruoho - 回复

I want to use iPhone 5s Touch IC in iPhone SE ? If I use the 5s Touch IC in iPhone SE ? Does anyone know ? Thanks..

iosobserver - 回复

Would it be possible to swap the Processor from an SE and put it into a 5s as a performance upgrade?

Sean Troop - 回复

Help… i recently swapped out the back housing and there is a flex cable that tore behind the power button. It isnt the power + volume flex cable… its a long skinny cable that gets screwed on into the case… what is that cable and where do i find a replacement?

Cesar Grijalva - 回复

Do you guys know if the iPhone SE body is interchangeable with the 5S? I’m wondering because i’m doing a repair, a full body one.

Cameron White - 回复

Dear editor, I am a user from China. I recently found dust inside my iPhone SE camera. I want to open the phone and then I want to buy a sponge pad on the camera inside. I only have one problem. Is the iPhone 5S camera dustproof sponge mat and SE interchangeable?

Zhang - 回复

Hey, my brightness has been messed up since I replaced my screen three days ago. It only messed up this morning though. Is it fixable? What should I look for, if it is fixable ,when I go back in to check it out?

Rainbow Fire - 回复

Hi Rainbow Fire, something might be blocking your ambient light sensor. If you want to open the phone and take a look at the upper sensor cable, you might find some film blocking the sensor, or that it’s not properly placed in the display. If you do opt to open your phone, be sure to use our sensor assembly guide and not this teardown!

Sam Lionheart -


I dropped my phone and took it to a shop to be repaired and they came back saying its unrepairable is that possible they said the board is badly damaged is it possible to change it.

sassy_tashxxx - 回复

Does the 5 and 5s or 5SE have the same internal layout? I mean the screw hole placement, cables location. I wanna change my iphone 5 back cover to the iphone 5s or se cover.

afifyolopico - 回复



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