从外观上来看,2015年初的视网膜MacBook Pro 13与之前的版本非常相似older sibling。他们有一样的视网膜屏幕和铝制一体化机身。不过在这款全新的MacBook Pro上,还带有了Force Touch触控板和Intel最新的Broadwell-U处理器。和我们一起钻进这野兽的肚子里吧。


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一定要看看我们对他的深入分析Force Touch trackpad

这个拆解是不是维修指南。 要维修你的的MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display Early 2015,请使用我们的服务手册

看,新的MacBook Pro Retina!我们之前在苹果13英寸的专业笔记本电脑上做过这样的事情,但有些东西发生了变化。噢,是触控板! 让我们看看这个神奇的盒子有什么神奇的技术: 13.3英寸,2560*1080像素(227PPI)的Retina视网膜显示屏
  • 看,新的MacBook Pro Retina!我们之前在苹果13英寸的专业笔记本电脑上做过这样的事情,但有些东西发生了变化。噢,是触控板!

  • 让我们看看这个神奇的盒子有什么神奇的技术:

    • 13.3英寸,2560*1080像素(227PPI)的Retina视网膜显示屏

    • 2.7或2.9GHz的双核Intel Core i5处理器(可选3.1GHz的双核Intel Core i7处理器)

    • 8GB或16GB的1866MHz LPDDR3板载内存

    • 128GB、258GB、512GB或1TB闪存

    • intel Iris 6100核芯显卡

    • 雷电2、USB3.0以及全尺寸的HDMI接口

its configurable up to a 3.1GHz dual core i7. The i5 can turbo to 3.3GHz, but thats it :P

Boruch Rappaport - 回复

if you look at benchmarks, youll find the i7 isnt that much stronger than the 2.7 i5, so for most people it isnt really worth getting. (think about the added heat as well)

bcredeur97 -

Hey Guys, ready to do the 15" macbook pro from 2015?

mcrugg - 回复

看一下底部面板并没有什么特别的发现——这台MacBook Pro和2013年末的MacBook Pro都是A1502型号 让我们看看他的接口:
  • 看一下底部面板并没有什么特别的发现——这台MacBook Pro和2013年末的MacBook Pro都是A1502型号

  • 让我们看看他的接口:

    • 在右侧,这台MacBook配备了一个SDXC卡槽、一个HDMI和一个USB3接口

    • 在左侧,有一个MagSafe 2电源接口、两个雷电2接口、另一个USB3接口、一个耳机插孔和两个麦克风


开始拆解。请来点掌声! 看起来这台MacBook Pro继承了前代单风扇的基因……以及其他的事物 实际上,我们注意到的唯一的区别是,在电池顶部新挂着的触控板电缆。除此之外,它与2013年底的版本(第三张图片)非常相似。
  • 开始拆解。请来点掌声!

  • 看起来这台MacBook Pro继承了前代单风扇的基因……以及其他的事物

  • 实际上,我们注意到的唯一的区别是,在电池顶部新挂着的触控板电缆。除此之外,它与2013年底的版本(第三张图片)非常相似。

  • 看来我们得再深入一点才能找到好东西。


苹果真的在召唤我们吗?我们在2013年末的MacBook Pro 13 Retina上看到的关于电池的警告文字已经消失了。那么,让我们深入挖掘吧! 好吧,也许只是搬迁……但是我们还没有把电池取出来。 当我们第一次移除它的电缆时,Force Touch触控板的神秘面纱是一层一层地展开的。
  • 苹果真的在召唤我们吗?我们在2013年末的MacBook Pro 13 Retina上看到的关于电池的警告文字已经消失了。那么,让我们深入挖掘吧!

    • 好吧,也许只是搬迁……但是我们还没有把电池取出来。

  • 当我们第一次移除它的电缆时,Force Touch触控板的神秘面纱是一层一层地展开的。

  • 苹果给我们留下了关于触摸板的诱人指示:“再深入一点,做更多的事情。”好吧,苹果,如果你坚持的话!

This trackpad cable is proving to be the last straw for me. Not a month off warranty, the keyboard and trackpad on my MBP stopped responding and replacing this poorly-located cable was the only fix. Three months later, I'm having the same problem, albeit intermittently, and I'm probably going to have to replace it yet again. It's not acceptable that this fancy product is sold as a pro-level machine. Frankly, Apple's new engineering ethos is an embarrassment and an insult to the industry, and yet when I look into the competition, I see much the same: fancy products designed to last just beyond the standard warranty. And don't get me started on port adapters. Such a shame.

mapercortesia - 回复

To any of you possibly reading this and in any way invested in this cable issue, I did indeed replace the cable back in August (2016) and the machine worked properly until this last week of December (2016) when the problem returned. I'll either have to replace it yet again or move on to a new machine.

mapercortesia -

Thanks for providing me another incidence of this cable being the culprit in what seems to be a frequently reported bug on this particular model of the MacBook pro.

dramitkrsharma -

I'm having the same intermittent trackpad and keyboard issue for the last few weeks. I've narrowed it down to the cable based on feedback from people like yourself and would love to know where you procured your replacement cable from (and the part number if you happen to know it).

dramitkrsharma - 回复

Hello! I ordered the IPD Trackpad Flex Cable (Item CMP-5726-UTW0) from Command Mac Parts.

mapercortesia -

Last update for anyone affected by this issue: this is fundamentally a design flaw. Temperature fluctuations cause the extremely small points of contact between each end of the cable and its respective connector to disengage. Unless the cable itself is truly kaput, reseating it often resolves the problem, but only temporarily. Allowing the machine to adjust to room temperature (after carrying it around outside in colder weather, for example) may also get the keyboard and trackpad working again. Tapping on the case beneath the spacebar, at the base of the trackpad or underneath the trackpad can also get the components working properly. But, again, this is not a permanent solution. I'm not sure if there is a permanent solution. And since carrying an external keyboard and mouse around with me is preposterous (imagine someone sitting in a cafè with a keyboard on their keyboard), I'm not going to deal with this anymore. It will be a long time before I consider purchasing another Apple product.

mapercortesia - 回复

操作:我们正在取下电池!因为我们以前见过视网膜MacBook Pro,所以我们有了一些视觉上的问题,但是你不会听到,因为说话者是下一个。 曾经有四个螺丝把电池架固定在一个地方(可能是多余的,用了所有的粘合剂),现在换成四个橡胶塞子。
  • 操作:我们正在取下电池!因为我们以前见过视网膜MacBook Pro,所以我们有了一些视觉上的问题,但是你不会听到,因为说话者是下一个。

  • 曾经有四个螺丝把电池架固定在一个地方(可能是多余的,用了所有的粘合剂),现在换成四个橡胶塞子。

    • 前一代的粘合剂看起来很强大,那么苹果是否会把这些螺丝钉拿走,因为它们根本就不需要,或者因为它们现在不需要了?也许一种更强的粘合剂使这些螺丝变得不必要了?我们一想到这个想法就不寒而栗。


如果这是一场你想要的战斗,苹果,你会得到的。正如古老的Klingon谚语所说,今天是想要推翻电池的好日子。 有了我们信任的工具、iOpener和塑料卡,我们开始加热和撬开电池,小心不要用来刺穿任何“有可能着火或燃烧的东西”。
  • 如果这是一场你想要的战斗,苹果,你会得到的。正如古老的Klingon谚语所说,今天是想要推翻电池的好日子。

  • 有了我们信任的工具、iOpener和塑料卡,我们开始加热和撬开电池,小心不要用来刺穿任何“有可能着火或燃烧的东西”。


这些组件被精心设计以避免被我们的眼睛发现。我们使用塑料开启工具来推动触控板控制板的移动,但不移除它。 苹果公司决定将最大的电缆焊接到触控板上,这意味着我们现在只能把它暂时抛在了路上。Y U NO ZIF,苹果?
  • 这些组件被精心设计以避免被我们的眼睛发现。我们使用塑料开启工具来推动触控板控制板的移动,但不移除它。

  • 苹果公司决定将最大的电缆焊接到触控板上,这意味着我们现在只能把它暂时抛在了路上。Y U NO ZIF,苹果?

  • 这个新的触控板有一些新的IC:

    • ST微电子 32F103 基于ARM Cortex-M的微控制器

    • Broadcom BCM5976触控屏幕控制器

      • 这和我们在iPhone 5s和iPad Air中发现的一样


啊,我们开始了艰难的过程,将这种未成熟的电池粘合剂去除。在我们看来,粘合剂应该是一种可控的物质,而且只能负责任地使用。 我们知道苹果可以做得更好,因为我们已经看到它,就像昨天一样。 中间的电池块似乎比过去几年更难清除了。也许我们只是较弱。
  • 啊,我们开始了艰难的过程,将这种未成熟的电池粘合剂去除。在我们看来,粘合剂应该是一种可控的物质,而且只能负责任地使用。

    • 我们知道苹果可以做得更好,因为我们已经看到它,就像昨天一样。

  • 中间的电池块似乎比过去几年更难清除了。也许我们只是较弱。

  • 在电池背后是……泥状物质。要么苹果认为你不需要更换电池,要么有人不小心把它浸在焦油中。

Tar video is unavailable :(

No Reply - 回复

Tar video is gone :(

No Reply - 回复

我们进行了一系列的工作,移除了这个74.9Whr的锂聚合物电池阵列。 苹果公司声称,这款新的11.42V,74.9Whr的电池可以提供长达10小时的网页浏览和长达12小时的视频播放功能。 在2013年的型号中,我们有71.8 Whr的电池容量,所以我们增加了4%的容量,额外增加了11%的运行时间。我们将把剩下的部分用在Broadwell处理器的能效提升上。
  • 我们进行了一系列的工作,移除了这个74.9Whr的锂聚合物电池阵列。

  • 苹果公司声称,这款新的11.42V,74.9Whr的电池可以提供长达10小时的网页浏览和长达12小时的视频播放功能。

    • 在2013年的型号中,我们有71.8 Whr的电池容量,所以我们增加了4%的容量,额外增加了11%的运行时间。我们将把剩下的部分用在Broadwell处理器的能效提升上。

    • 然而,戴尔XPS 13却在52Wh的电池上管理着一个高清屏幕和一个(据称)11小时的运行时间。

  • 这是一种熟悉的视网膜MacBook Pro设计,德州仪器BQ20Z451气体测量仪,测量电池寿命。

    • 这个IC应该类似于BQ20Z45,或者它的替代品,BQ20Z45-r1。


这是一款全新的Force Touch触控板。为了进行测试,我们带着我们最小的员工,格斯·卡瓦普(这条狗狗),去试试。 格斯不为所动。(也许他的并没有理解它的美妙?) 你不能用它的表面来判断一个触控板,所以我们移除了10个用来固定的螺丝。
  • 这是一款全新的Force Touch触控板。为了进行测试,我们带着我们最小的员工,格斯·卡瓦普(这条狗狗),去试试。

    • 格斯不为所动。(也许他的并没有理解它的美妙?)

  • 你不能用它的表面来判断一个触控板,所以我们移除了10个用来固定的螺丝。

    • 我们试着不去评判它,至少它不是用胶粘上的。但是这幅触摸板表面之下钉了足有10颗螺丝的光景还是让我们叫苦不迭。这个触摸板是要承受多大的力?


原力与我们同在(这是星球大战梗,译注)。这是一个Force Touch触控板。
  • 原力与我们同在(这是星球大战梗,译注)。这是一个Force Touch触控板。

  • 早在2007年的时候,我们就已经掌握了触控式发动机,它提供了触觉反馈。

    • 困惑吗?让我们把这些可笑的韵文分解一下。触觉反馈只是一种奇特的说法,即触控板会使用振动和压力让你知道发生了什么。“Taptic Engine”是苹果公司的一个术语,它可以让它震动、摇响和滚动。

    • Pak Tl;博士:隆隆声

Any chance this is compatible with an older 13" rMBP or 15" rMBP?

Shrivatsa Somany - 回复

Does the force touch track pad fit into a 2013 MBP?

jantheiss - 回复

在周一的活动中,苹果向我们展示了新款MacBook最先进的Force Touch触控板的令人难以置信的效果。
  • 在周一的活动中,苹果向我们展示了新款MacBook最先进的Force Touch触控板的令人难以置信的效果。

  • 我们期待着MacBook Pro能收到同样的轨迹板——但这看起来有点不同,它的面板和四个弹簧支架都是一个完整的面板。

    • 这并不是说我们在批评,而是把技术改造成像MacBook Pro这样的现有笔记本电脑,以及像MacBook这样的地面设计,两者之间存在很大的区别。不过,当我们拿到MacBook笔记本电脑的时候,我们会兴奋地寻找不同的产品。


让我们用一个gander打开Taptic Engine,好吗? 我们希望简单的切开的橡胶需要被切块。 最后,线圈自由了的!嗯,至少。
  • 让我们用一个gander打开Taptic Engine,好吗?

  • 我们希望简单的切开的橡胶需要被切块。

  • 最后,线圈自由了的!嗯,至少。

  • Force Touch看起来是一项技术的巧妙应用,确切地说,它可以追溯到1824年。

    • 用线圈围绕铁磁芯,在Force Touch触控板上的电磁体被用来制造你所感受到的振动反馈。

  • 我们猜测,这四个单独的线圈是用来改变给用户的反馈的。转动不同的四盘线圈,会改变振动的强度和方向,以及它对你手指的感觉。


让我们继续揭开轨迹板的秘密,首先是我们希望在taptic engine中找到一些表明它是线性振荡器的证据,但它看起来就像是一系列的电磁体。
  • 让我们继续揭开轨迹板的秘密,首先是我们希望在taptic engine中找到一些表明它是线性振荡器的证据,但它看起来就像是一系列的电磁体。

  • 在触控板下方的金属轨道上,磁铁快速地推动和拉动,每点击一次,就会产生一个微小的“嗡嗡”反馈(以及“强力点击”的第二个嗡嗡声)。

  • 这就解释了嗡嗡声,但是感觉如何呢?

  • 去年发布的一项专利表明,Force Touch可能会利用应变仪来测量其表面的压力。

    • 我们只需要打开一个线圈来看看是否有这样的情况。

I'll give you big kudos if you can wind that coil back up and have it work again.

cityzen - 回复

Patent applications related to that trackpad were published in the end of 2013, under an unknown applicant name: Yknots Industries LLC, in Delaware... See for example http://www.google.com/patents/WO20131883..., http://www.google.com/patents/WO20131656..., among others. Once those worldwide patent applications enter in national phases (such as US), they become assigned to Apple Inc.

Does Apple create fake company entities to conceal its published patent applications?

Doc Godo - 回复

从支架上移除触控板需要切割四个胶板。 随着触控板的打开,我们第一次看到压力传感器。 在显微镜下取出传感器支架,我们会得到第二个,更近的观察。
  • 从支架上移除触控板需要切割四个胶板。

  • 随着触控板的打开,我们第一次看到压力传感器。

    • 在显微镜下取出传感器支架,我们会得到第二个,更近的观察。

  • 基于粘在金属标签上的轨迹,我们很确定新款Force Touch触控板上的神奇压力传感器是微小的应变仪。他们被安装在弯曲的金属支架上,检测在each上的flex的数量,基于上面的力。

  • 这与传统的电容式触摸板连接在一起,以确定你在哪里施加压力。

  • 一定要查看我们对Force Touch触摸板的深度视频分析!


这看起来很熟悉…这款全新的、两倍速度的闪存与我们最近在MacBook Air 13的拆解中发现的一模一样。 Samsung S4LN058A01 PCIe 3.0 x4 AHCI闪存主控 Samsung K4E4E324ED 512MB LPDDR3缓存
  • 这看起来很熟悉…这款全新的、两倍速度的闪存与我们最近在MacBook Air 13的拆解中发现的一模一样。

    • Samsung S4LN058A01 PCIe 3.0 x4 AHCI闪存主控

    • Samsung K4E4E324ED 512MB LPDDR3缓存

    • 八个Samsung K9LDGY8S1D-XCK0 16GB闪存(共128GB)

  • 就像它的兄弟MacBook Air一样,这款SSD的基准测试速度比前一代要快得多。

So will I be able to order their proprietary SSD from Apple and then be able to upgrade? Will they (Apple) do the upgrade for a charge (albeit a very steep charge)? Say 128 to 512? Surely third parties will as well once warranty goes out on the model..

chrisdublynn - 回复

I would wait at the moment. There is one website that sell the SSD but at a ludicrous price. You can check eBay for the drive, but make sure it's for your apple macbook pro.

Mit Amin -

这款MacBook没有前代的高冷,片刻之后,它的逻辑板就翻了出来。 不用担心,一切都在我们的掌控之中。除了这种转移的热膏外,一切看起来都像是我们的老朋友:他们是一样的,我们用了同样的移除程序。
  • 这款MacBook没有前代的高冷,片刻之后,它的逻辑板就翻了出来。

  • 不用担心,一切都在我们的掌控之中。除了这种转移的热膏外,一切看起来都像是我们的老朋友:他们是一样的,我们用了同样的移除程序。

Why is the thermal pipe not touching the GPU die?

Jack - 回复

The thermal pipe contact surface does cover the combined CPU+GPU die completely, so no problem there (though it looks like there's an awful lot of thermal paste on iFixits device...).

The part I think you're looking at (clean with no thermal paste and too far from the thermal pipe contact surface to be covered by it) is the PCH die, which apparently doesn't put off enough heat to matter.

Speculating, if they HAD extended the thermal pipe contact surface to the PCH, it would almost certainly have transferred some of the heat coming off the CPU+GPU die over to the PCH, which in addition to being counterproductive, might be something the PCH can't handle :)

Steve -

  • 我们忘记了我们的IC重编码环(???),但是没有关系。这些芯片看起来非常熟悉:

    • Intel SR26K 双核 i5-5257U 处理器,带有Intel Iris 6100核芯显卡

    • SK Hynix H9CCNNNBLTALAR 低功耗DDR内存

    • Cirrus 4208-CRZ 双流低功耗HD音频解码器

    • Intel DSL5520 雷电2 控制器

    • 德州仪器(TI)58872D

    • 两个仙童半导体(FS)DE46SY


  • 更多我们的熟悉的朋友:

    • SK Hynix H5TC4G63AFR 4Gb(512MB)DDR3 缓存

    • 德州仪器(TI)/Stellaris LM4FS1EH SMC控制器

    • Broadcom BCM15700A2,似乎是一种无线网络芯片组

    • 德州仪器(TI)HD3SS213 DisplayPort开关

    • Windbond 25064FVIQ

    • 线性技术(LT)LT3957和Intersil 958 26AHRZ

    • 德州仪器(TI)TPS51980和SMSC EMC1704-2


I/O板看起来没有什么变化,但是板上的芯片呢?看起来他们中的一些已经变了 阅兵技术(PT)PS8401A HDMI 抖动消除中继器 GenesysLogic GL3219 SDXC读卡器控制器
  • I/O板看起来没有什么变化,但是板上的芯片呢?看起来他们中的一些已经变了

    • 阅兵技术(PT)PS8401A HDMI 抖动消除中继器

    • GenesysLogic GL3219 SDXC读卡器控制器

    • NXP半导体公司的9501-8位输入/输出扩展器,带有一个2-kbit的EEPROM

Has apple really not changed to the now 4 year old SD4.0 standard for SDXCcards? this is a 5 year old part yes? Max throughput 104MB/s?

jimmyjimjim - 回复

MacBook Pro (13英寸,配备Retina显示屏,2015初期) 的维修得分是: 1 / 10 (10 最容易维修的) 专有的防撬螺丝继续使该设备的开启有着不必要的困难。
  • MacBook Pro (13英寸,配备Retina显示屏,2015初期) 的维修得分是: 1 / 10 (10 最容易维修的)

  • 专有的防撬螺丝继续使该设备的开启有着不必要的困难。

  • 电池的组装完全,而且非常牢固,粘在外壳上,因此使更换变得更加复杂。此外,电池还可以将触控板固定在合适的位置,这意味着在不首先移除电池的情况下,不可能更换触控板。

  • 视网膜显示屏是一个整体,没有单独的保护玻璃。如果在显示器内部有任何问题,那么整个($$)组装就需要被替换。

  • RAM被焊接到逻辑板上。在购买时升级或者永远保持8GB。没有升级的机会。

  • 专有的PCIe SSD仍然不是标准设备。对未来的标准驱动器表示怀疑。现在,你已经被你所拥有的东西困住了。




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How are the SSDs propriotery? They are just a M.2 SSD available in most places! The Samsung ones are just harder to get.

theodorlas - 回复

They appear to be M.2 but they aren't. If you look closely to the connector you can spot some differences.

Andre Fonseca -

It's the same as in the old Macbook Retina. A Proprietary connector, it's a modified SATA3 connector. Every macbook aberration has even its own form factor. So upgradability will be not possible that easy.

ydar -

I would edit the part "Pay for the upgrade now, or be stuck with 8 GB forever. There is no chance of upgrade."

It should rather say "There is no chance of upgrade FOR THE ORDINARY PEOPLE OUT THERE."

I don't know how skilled at soldering technicians you have in the US, but from where I come from (Czech Republic), I work with a guy who can do wonders, and that includes upgrading, usually the 2012 15" Retina Macbooks Pro from 8GB Ram to 16GB ram.

And if there's something this guy can't do, then he has his Polish friends who can resurrect computers that 99.9% technicians out there would consider unrepairable, dead, useless weight.

I wish I had their skills. I guess there's a long way ahead of me

Marhowl - 回复

The 2012 15 inch macbook pro is upgradable to 16GB by anyone with a phillips screwdriver. Sorry, not that impressive.

Anthony Ourada -

Actually he is correct. The 2012 15" retina has the RAM soldered to the board. The 2012 15" without the retina display does have removable RAM chips. So yes upgrading the 2012 Retina does take some pretty good soldering skills. Here is an image of the 2012 15" Retina motherboard


gverrault -

I think the PCIe 3.0 SSD is not a good reason to give this a 1 score. First off, it's smaller. And then it's super fast, has less protocol overhead and can virtually be upgraded with any future PCIe compatible SSD provided Apple builds the support required inside OS X.

brokenthorn - 回复

Noooooooop. This is not a standard M.2 SSD. It's got a proprietary connector.

mikeswelch -

I'd like a comparison with the old trackpad to see how it compares. Check overall volume,part volume, part location, height of system and parts, all weights... Maybe edge sealing around the pad...

The point being that I want to know how much does this actually gain or loose. That new Lenovo is about 15% lighter when compared to the new macbook so I'm curious where the weight is coming from.

fastm3driver - 回复

This means if I have a mid-2014 13" Retina and I buy a new 2015 13" Retina I can't swap the SSD? I was hoping I could, I have a 1TB model now, I'd like to move my SSD into a new 13" Retina.

KarmicJustice - 回复

you may actually be able to... no word on it yet however

bcredeur97 -

Does the Force Touch trackpad have the same connection and mounts as the old Macbook Pro trackpad? Thinking about retrofits here.

xcorlett - 回复

Great teardown as usual. "Proprietary" was the beginning of the end for IBM - anybody remember the PS2? Apple is getting cocky and not caring about its customer base the way Microsoft did in the 90s - which led to its irrelevancy of today. Not letting your customers upgrade their SSD down the road is simply cruel, like a doctor telling a patient s/he will only get one battery for the pacemaker. It will come back to bite Apple, as history has proven many times. Anybody remember Apple being close to bankruptcy in the late nineties?

TonyInMontreal - 回复

yep and lets not even mention the terrible quality of the iPhone 6 and 6+, they are either out of touch or simply dont care

Roger -

Any chance you can retrofit the force track pad to a late 2013 retina macbook pro?

huecobros - 回复

do you want to be the first to try it? xD

bcredeur97 -

Hi guys, I have a 128 GB Macbook Retina Early 2015. I would like to have a 500 GB SSD. Is this possible without the warranty going void?

siva - 回复

hi guys.. wishes from abu dhabi

i have macbook pro retina 13" late 2012.. is it possible to upgrade its ssd ?

Sulaiman Nissar - 回复

I did it on a MacBookPro Early 2011, be sure of compatibility.

Riccardo Mereu -

I knew when Steve Jobs died that Apple would not be able to carry on satisfying customers. It only took a couple of generations of the Macbook to alienate the customer. The many changes are not for us, they're for Apple. Old trick - planned obsolescence. If you cannot upgrade the device you have to buy a new one sooner. Great for Apple - bad for customer. But wait, what if customer no longer buys them? I refuse to buy any computer that I cannot upgrade. And I know I'm not the only one. History is repeating itself. No Jobs = bad decisions at Apple. Sell your stock boys, this time he ain't commin' back!

Cave Dave - 回复

Sorry to break it to you but Steve Jobs was the one who first decided Apple should take the closed system approach way back in the 1980's with the introduction of the Macintosh, he wasn't quite the hero of the company he appears.

Ben -

What do you exactly need 1 Tb of internal storage for? I have a 128 Gb model and a removable 1 Tb external solid state drive that was £50. Im studying for a masters in mechanical engineering here in England and the macbook is perfect. Its solid as a brick, reliable and stable. Compared to the surface book its cheap.

I have a monster gaming rig the size of a fridge for home use.

Its a tool, you don't perform surgery with a sledgehammer. I would recommend the pro to anyone. Apart from gamers.

Steve - 回复

Where did you get a 1TB external SSD for £50?

aldrinjtauro -

Lol, I paid £150 for an external thunderbolt drive. 1TB HDD. Theres no way you managed to pull an SSD for that price.

AdamA -

I'm planning tobuy retina macbook pro 2015 13inch


1.Whether ram is soldered or ram upgradable

2. Many people facing problems strains on retina display

3. We can manuallu updgrade ssd in this model

4. whehter it is best for CATIA,ANSYS,SOLID WORKS working environment

chidella jayachand - 回复

If you are doing advanced video editing then even then the 13" is good. I use Adobe Audition and Adobe After Effects with it and it doesn't lag. But the 15" has a dedicated graphics card, that might be better for you if you do 3D modelling as it is more powerful. It is also quad core as opposed to dual core.

AdamA -

OMG was I the only one who loved hearing her say the names of all the components? haha! Great tear down guys!

Daniel Scott - 回复

Hi, where is the reed switch/hall sensor that let the macbook goes in stop mode when you close the lid?

Nagus - 回复

I really wish you guys had taken off the keyboard backing to show that it is now held in place by rivets, not screws. Wasted 3 hours getting it apart, realizing I couldn't replace the keyboard then putting it back together still broken. Not angry at iFixit. !#^&@@ off at Apple for this blatant disregard to repair-ability.

jerbil24 - 回复

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to remove the motherboard without removing the heatsink. Can anyone help me?

Riccardo Mereu - 回复

Even though the battery is a monster to remove is replacement plausible?

RikoTiko - 回复

Hey RikoTiko! Lucky for you we created a product for replacing Retina batteries with adhesive remover, making this job way easier! We have the adhesive remover kit here, and a battery replacement kit here, for use with this guide. Since this requires such a specialized solution, the repairability score still stands, despite being plausible. =)

Sam Lionheart -

Well, now I understand (yea, right!) why you guys make the big bucks right out of puberty. So, here’s my question: To begin with, it is now April 2018 and I’m asking about a 2015, 13” 2.9, I5 Retina MB Pro with the 6100 graphics that’s going bad (which should really inspire another blog altogether about why the !&&* Adderrall wasn’t available in the 80s when I clearly needed it), and therefore i’ve been offered this otherwise perfect condition laptop for a song. So, how much will this repair cost, and is there someone in the Washington, D.C. area capable of performing same while I wait, hopefully without being bent over toooo far? Only a day or two to decide … HEEELP!!


Phil - 回复

Is the processor soldered to the system board in this model??

SAR - 回复

could i upgrade my MacBook pro 13” early 2015 from 8 ram to 16 ??

Abdullah Alnaqbi9 - 回复

Is there a Processor Upgrade i can Get?? And how do i replace it?? Is it Soldered on??

The i5 is not enough for me!

preston.douglas3 - 回复

To you and @yourtechy: you can’t upgrade, it’s soldered straight to the board. That’s the norm with laptops unfortunately!

Jeff Suovanen -



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