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正式开始拆机之前,先确定你要拆解什么。下面是一些不可拆解物品的例子: 你的宠物狗 爷爷的心脏起搏器
  • 正式开始拆机之前,先确定你要拆解什么。下面是一些不可拆解物品的例子:

    • 你的宠物狗

    • 爷爷的心脏起搏器

    • 任何含元素钚的设备

    • 擎天柱

  • 接下来,去商店买一件新设备。我们推荐走路去买-因为不会污染环境-当然是你自己走路去。

  • 进店买你想要的东西。必要的话,在店外宿营在第一时间抢到新品。


然后,在商店货架上找到你要的设备。不要妨碍70岁的老奶奶拿走货架上最后一件商品。 不要忘了付款。和流行的想法相反,绝地念力对保安不会起作用。 礼貌地拒绝延长保修。
  • 然后,在商店货架上找到你要的设备。不要妨碍70岁的老奶奶拿走货架上最后一件商品。

  • 不要忘了付款。和流行的想法相反,绝地念力对保安不会起作用。

  • 礼貌地拒绝延长保修。


现在你安全回到了家,把你的心上人从箱子里解放出来,沐浴在她优越技术的荣耀里。如果你仔细观察,你可以亲眼目睹你的设备正在贬值。 扔掉操作手册之前别忘了假装已经读过了。 现在你的新设备已经正常工作了。终于到了可以享受真正购买新品的乐趣了。请牢记:水+电子产品=破碎的梦。
  • 现在你安全回到了家,把你的心上人从箱子里解放出来,沐浴在她优越技术的荣耀里。如果你仔细观察,你可以亲眼目睹你的设备正在贬值。

  • 扔掉操作手册之前别忘了假装已经读过了。

  • 现在你的新设备已经正常工作了。终于到了可以享受真正购买新品的乐趣了。请牢记:水+电子产品=破碎的梦。


确保对所有合适的工具了然于心。 拆机时务必极度谨慎,除非你的目的是想展现如何破坏设备。如果你想那么做,记住有计划地进行。
  • 确保对所有合适的工具了然于心。

  • 拆机时务必极度谨慎,除非你的目的是想展现如何破坏设备。如果你想那么做,记住有计划地进行。

  • 最最重要的是,牢记乐趣第一!


是时候布置拍照环境了。 光照对拍摄优秀的照片非常重要。布置照明灯照亮你的工作区。
  • 是时候布置拍照环境了。

  • 光照对拍摄优秀的照片非常重要。布置照明灯照亮你的工作区。

  • 我们建议把便灯携装到三脚架上辅助精准聚光。


安排好所有的外围环境和装置后,你可以正式开始拆机了。 拆机过程中,记得用笔记下所有步骤并拍照,把你的成果分享到ifixit社区。 你可以在你的工作空间下面放上一张白纸来更好地进行拍照。
  • 安排好所有的外围环境和装置后,你可以正式开始拆机了。

  • 拆机过程中,记得用笔记下所有步骤并拍照,把你的成果分享到ifixit社区。

  • 你可以在你的工作空间下面放上一张白纸来更好地进行拍照。

  • 左边的拆解照片是在我们的专业照明设施下拍摄的。实际效果可能有所不同。


  • 现在是时候和全世界分享你的成果了-通过长久以来备受尊重的方式之一--书写

  • 在 iFixit 社区发挥你的想象力,解放你的写作能力。


假如你的工作已经发布在 iFixit 上,是时候坐在椅子上放松精神,享受创建了一个拆机指南的甜蜜满足时刻了。
  • 假如你的工作已经发布在 iFixit 上,是时候坐在椅子上放松精神,享受创建了一个拆机指南的甜蜜满足时刻了。

  • 来一场激情的 iPod 舞会吧!







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I will try to make a Teardown Guide of an old Toshiba Satellite 1400, thanks for the inspiration!

jonasbits - 回复

Why do I ALWAYS have one screw that strips and won't loosen or tighten, one that is obviously lost in a interdimensional black hole, and weird extra parts when I finish. Or the most vital, irreplaceable, Jesus part breaks, shorts out or disappears? LOL

borg3371 - 回复

Because lots of machines have more parts than they need. It was suggested by Japanese motor cycle designers and manufactures that the British motor bike industry failed because they just put too many parts in their products and when copiers start they take apart the item and try to reduce the total number and reduce the costs increasing the profits

Mark Fort Te Teko NZ

nashi -

Is a teardown of an old, broken device OK? (I have an LG Optimus L7II with a busted LCD)

niccotaglia - 回复

Totally! A broken device is a safe pick, you don't need to worry too much about breaking it more, and you might figure out how to replace the broken components!

Sam Lionheart -

I have a evolve 2 one touch alcatel with only 4 screws to teardown.

dennisp1964 - 回复

While working on devices and prop replicas, I've found the following useful, even if NOT creating an iFixit teardown:

* Take pics of your steps and the screws, so that when you're faced with reassembly, you have a photo record of which screws went in which hole.

* Keep screws in separate containers, or little Ziploc parts bags (available at hobby and crafts stores, super cheap).

* Mark the individual parts containers or parts bags with a Sharpie, for what the screws are for (e.g. kybd, motherboard, palm rest).

David Spalding - 回复

As with dismantling anything, it's best to set them out as you taken them off in some sort of reference grid. Or at the very least a photo of what you took off so when you come to that last weird screw that doesn't seem to belong anywhere, all you need do is back track your photos or look at where it came from and where it was left on your reference grid when you took it off.

It pays to prepare, I have a drawer full of "extra" screws, left over prior to finally slowing down and noting where I was putting things and from where they had just been removed.

Colm - 回复

This is made of win. :D

Quick, cheap and easy tip: Take a fresh sheet off a lint roller, tape it tacky-side up to your work space or a clipboard. Now you have an easy place to put your screws! And they won't roll away! Group them and write the step number with a sharpie for reference.

Jefferson Malone - 回复

A better use for the pill organizers you can get for a buck will work perfect for placing those tiny screws and keeps them separated, you can label the lids 1, 2, 3, etc. When ready for them open lid 1 when you need the screws for step 1 and so on.

Robert Vantine -

Is there a teardown video for the samsung ativ smart pc 500t. I have one that has a broken earbud port and the internal speakers don't work. I'm thinking there is a relationship with the earbud port and the speakers. When I opened it up I saw what was wrong but not a clear way to disassemble it further. If some has a video I would really appreciate emailing the link to me at eccentric_daughter@yahoo.ca

Eccentric Daughter - 回复

por que meus parafusos parecem ser uma sujeirinha num piso extremamente branco

villaspark - 回复



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