Creating a Device Page

Definition ¶ 

A device page is a central repository of all troubleshooting and repair information for a specific device.

Each device page contains the following:

  • A picture of the device. This photo is widely used, so quality is important.
  • A short summary of the device (which will appear in device page search results).
  • Links to troubleshooting pages.
  • How to identify the device (differentiating between models).
  • Background information on the device.
  • Links to the best online resources for the device.

Creation ¶ 

  • Select "Device" from the list of options.
  • Enter your device name in the Title field.

Note: Make sure you name and capitalize your device name properly or your repair guides will not link correctly.

  • Upload a picture of the device, using the images tab in the lower left corner of the screen. Drag the uploaded image into the top-right box.
  • Enter a short, descriptive summary.
  • Input additional information pertaining to the device into the main text box. Follow the format outlined in this example device page.

Linking Repair Guides & Teardowns ¶ 

Repair guides, teardowns, commonly used tools, and any related questions from our Q&A site (Answers) are automatically linked to device pages of the same name. You do not need to manually link them.

Device Page Picture ¶ 

The device page picture is the first thing users will notice when they navigate to your device page, so it's important that you take a quality photo. Take the picture with the device against a solid white background that is well-lit with the camera in landscape orientation. If you're using a DSLR or other camera that captures images in an aspect ratio other than 4:3, be sure to crop your image to 4:3. The most important thing to remember is to take your own device page picture, rather than taking one from an online image search.

Editing ¶ 

Changing Device Page Name ¶ 

You can't change the name of a device page, you just have to make a new one and delete the old one. If you're planning to change the name:

  1. Copy all the text from the old page.
  2. Create a new device page with the new name you want.
  3. Paste the old content to the correctly named page.
  4. Delete the old page.

Deleting Device Page ¶ 

To delete a device page:

  1. Go to that page's edit section.
  2. If there is an area link on the page (under the area link header above the display image):
    1. delete the tag
    2. click the save button next to the text field
  3. Delete all text in the title, summary, and body sections of the page including all flags.
  4. Save the changes.
  5. The page should now say "This device repair manual does not exist yet, but you can start it now!"

Migrating Guides To New Device Page ¶ 

If you already have some repair guides started, moving them to the new device page is easy.

  1. Go to the Edit screen for the repair guide.
  2. Change the text in the Device field to the correct device name.
  3. Click the save button.
  4. The guide should now be correctly associated with the new device name.

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