按照本指南来更换来更换破损或者故障的iPhone7 屏幕,本指南包括移除原本的屏幕组件,也包括了移除home/Touch ID sensor, earpiece speaker, front camera assembly, and LCD shield plate这些部件应在安装前转移到您的新屏幕上。

如果您更换的屏幕组件已经包括听筒,前置摄像头组件,以及LCD保护片。相反地,您可以按照this shorter guide 来将home键转移到新的显示组件上。

在任何情况下,将Home键/Touch ID小心翼翼地转移到新的显示屏上是非常重要的。 Home键与其原始主板配对上的芯片是唯一匹配的,因此单独更换Home键或主板可导致Home键无法正常使用。

拆解iPhone 7 将会损坏屏幕下的密封,导致无法防水。如果你不更换胶密封,您的手机将功能正常,但将不再是防水的‎.。

打开iPhone显示屏后会损坏防水密封胶。因此在修理完成后,请格外小心,不要让iPhone 接触液体。
  • 打开iPhone显示屏后会损坏防水密封胶。因此在修理完成后,请格外小心,不要让iPhone 接触液体。

  • 取下iPhone底部Lightning接口两侧的3.4 mm螺丝。

Can anyone confirm 7/7P's pentalobe screws have a ring of seal near the screw head?

Cooper Chase - 回复

  • 将温暖的iOpener放在手机的下边从而将屏幕封胶融化。

  • 等待大约一分钟,让屏幕封胶融化,然后再进行下一步骤。


将吸盘吸到显示屏的下半部分,Home按键的上方。 确保吸盘与Home按键不重叠,否则吸盘将不能吸起前玻璃。
  • 将吸盘吸到显示屏的下半部分,Home按键的上方。

    • 确保吸盘与Home按键不重叠,否则吸盘将不能吸起前玻璃。

The glass is completely cracked and the suction cup doesn't work because it gets air in between. any tip?

Display is glued and doesn't come off.

support - 回复

A wide, single strip of packing tape, well placed, will solve this for you. :)

Mimic44444 - 回复

Last comment works well. Thank you !

Using packing tape for a cracked screen should be included in the description in Step 3.

Cracked screen is most probably the reason you are replacing it.

Arni Benediktsson - 回复

拉起吸盘,使显示屏组件和外壳之间形成一个小缝隙。 将撬棒平面那头插进缝隙。 固定屏幕的密封胶粘性很强,如果想产生一个缝隙需要用很大的力。 如果你很难开出一个缝隙,可以上下摇摆屏幕以削弱密封胶的粘性,直到你可以用撬棍插入缝隙。
  • 拉起吸盘,使显示屏组件和外壳之间形成一个小缝隙。

  • 将撬棒平面那头插进缝隙。

    • 固定屏幕的密封胶粘性很强,如果想产生一个缝隙需要用很大的力。 如果你很难开出一个缝隙,可以上下摇摆屏幕以削弱密封胶的粘性,直到你可以用撬棍插入缝隙。

This was SO hard for me to do with the spudger. I couldn’t get a gap to insert it because my phone was so cracked (even though I used tape on the front) to get a solid seal with the suction cup. I ended up taking a VERY thin knife and inserting it straight down to make the initial break that allowed me to insert the spudger.

jessica harlow - 回复

I’ve given up using a plastic spudger to try to open any of these phones. I use a metal one with a flat base and a very sharp end…close to a razor. As long as I’m careful, it won’t slip and scratch the base. It’s much easier than using these plastic spudgers.

mcr4u2 -

Im trying to get the screen off right now and my phone is not cracked and its still a pain

Jordon Johnson - 回复

Using a blow dryer was extremely helpful and using the suction cup towards one of the lower edges was also helpful

Jordon Johnson - 回复

This is not working for me. How long does the heat need to be applied? Still trying right now…. =/

Chris Gallego - 回复

沿着iPhone的下边向左移动动撬棍。 移动撬棍以扩大屏幕和后壳之间的间隙。 移动撬棍以扩大屏幕和后壳之间的间隙。
  • 沿着iPhone的下边向左移动动撬棍。

  • 移动撬棍以扩大屏幕和后壳之间的间隙。


将撬棍头从iPhone左侧拉出,从下边缘开始,朝向音量控制按钮和静音开关移动。 不要沿着手机的顶部边缘撬动,否则有可能损坏固定屏幕的塑料卡子。 不要沿着手机的顶部边缘撬动,否则有可能损坏固定屏幕的塑料卡子。
  • 将撬棍头从iPhone左侧拉出,从下边缘开始,朝向音量控制按钮和静音开关移动。

  • 不要沿着手机的顶部边缘撬动,否则有可能损坏固定屏幕的塑料卡子。


将撬棍的头插入设备的右下角 移动撬棍以扩大屏幕和后壳之间的间隙。 将撬棍的头滑动,从而打开屏幕固定胶
  • 将撬棍的头插入设备的右下角

  • 移动撬棍以扩大屏幕和后壳之间的间隙。

  • 将撬棍的头滑动,从而打开屏幕固定胶


上拉吸盘抬起屏幕从而打开iPhone。 请勿将掀开超过10°以上,因为在手机的右边有链接屏幕到显示器的排线
  • 上拉吸盘抬起屏幕从而打开iPhone。

  • 请勿将掀开超过10°以上,因为在手机的右边有链接屏幕到显示器的排线

do not pull up pull sideways it will brake

Riley Patterson - 回复

  • 拨弄吸盘上的小尖,从而将吸盘从屏幕上取下。


沿着iPhone的顶部边缘滑动拆机片,将屏幕与外壳彻底分离 小心不要损坏手机顶部的卡扣。
  • 沿着iPhone的顶部边缘滑动拆机片,将屏幕与外壳彻底分离

  • 小心不要损坏手机顶部的卡扣。


从手机底端将屏幕略微抬起 通过从左侧拉动显示屏来打开iPhone,就像翻一本书的封底。 不要尝试完全取下屏幕,因为几个脆弱的排线仍然连接着iPhone主板。
  • 从手机底端将屏幕略微抬起

  • 通过从左侧拉动显示屏来打开iPhone,就像翻一本书的封底。

    • 不要尝试完全取下屏幕,因为几个脆弱的排线仍然连接着iPhone主板。

I just broke the cable to the battery!

No Bama - 回复

same dude im such a freak lol omg haha

Aiden Polaski - 回复

  • 从下侧连接器支架上拆下以下两种三点Y000螺丝:

    • 三个1.2mm螺丝

    • 一个2.4 mm螺丝

Ahhh shoot! accidentally ordered tri-wing vs tri-point (must have just looked for y000).. It seems they only did this to annoy repair folks because not everything is tri-point on the phone...

Steve - 回复

Just FYI, if you have an iFixit set with the PH000 you can use that bit to remove the Y000 if you're in a bind.

Colton Neifert - 回复

These screws just spin for me. They don't back out, but the heads aren't stripped either. I've tried applying backpressure to help lift the screws, but no luck

Jeff Hurst - 回复

dang im such a freak i messed my i phone device up badly

Aiden Polaski - 回复

The Y000 took out one of the screws but not the other 3. I even tried the PH000 as suggested but nothing.

dbright - 回复

What driver do I need to remove these screws i’m stuck

Nasser Nader - 回复

i cant use, the Y000 it isnt working.

joscarlos91 - 回复

  • 卸下下侧连接器支架。

my battery cable connector was stuck to the bottom of this metal bracket plate so be careful when you lift it off

Josh Martin - 回复

使用撬棒尖端将电池连接器从逻辑主板上的插座中翘起。 将连接器电缆略微弯曲,以防止它与插座接触并继续向手机供电。 将连接器电缆略微弯曲,以防止它与插座接触并继续向手机供电。
  • 使用撬棒尖端将电池连接器从逻辑主板上的插座中翘起。

  • 将连接器电缆略微弯曲,以防止它与插座接触并继续向手机供电。


使用撬棒或者指甲来将两条显示排线从逻辑板上的插座中撬出。 来连接这些排线的时候,按压他们来确保其已经安装到位,在相反一端进行同样的操作。 切勿在中部按压。 如果连接器稍微不对准,连接器可能会弯曲,造成永久性损坏。 来连接这些排线的时候,按压他们来确保其已经安装到位,在相反一端进行同样的操作。 切勿在中部按压。 如果连接器稍微不对准,连接器可能会弯曲,造成永久性损坏。
  • 使用撬棒或者指甲来将两条显示排线从逻辑板上的插座中撬出。

  • 来连接这些排线的时候,按压他们来确保其已经安装到位,在相反一端进行同样的操作。 切勿在中部按压。 如果连接器稍微不对准,连接器可能会弯曲,造成永久性损坏。


拆下两个1.3毫米十字螺丝,支架固定前面板传感器组件到连接器。 取下支架 取下支架
  • 拆下两个1.3毫米十字螺丝,支架固定前面板传感器组件到连接器。

  • 取下支架

Has anyone had trouble getting these two screws off? I’ve been working on these for about 10 minutes and the LEFT screw wont spin. It seems like the little PH000 screwdriver bit won’t even grip it. (The one of the right comes off, no problem)

It looks like I’ll have to pick this project up again with a screwdriver that will actually take off this piece.

Makana Sylva - 回复

The right screw kept spinning, tried different levels of force but didn’t work. I left the screw on and bent the shield to get to the cable.

s h - 回复

I used a #1 flat head tip to loosen.

Peter Pearson - 回复

断开前面板传感器组件连接器与逻辑板上的插座。 再重新安装按压连接的时候也应该按压尾端,花些时间来避免弯折的风险。
  • 断开前面板传感器组件连接器与逻辑板上的插座。

  • 再重新安装按压连接的时候也应该按压尾端,花些时间来避免弯折的风险。




卸下四颗固定Home/Touch ID传感器支架的Y000螺丝。
  • 卸下四颗固定Home/Touch ID传感器支架的Y000螺丝。

    • 一颗1.1mm螺丝。

    • 三颗1.3mm螺丝。

Why is the screw over top of the home button so difficult to get out… has anyone else experienced this..? This is twice now I've struggled to get that screw

Brandon - 回复

The screw to the left holding the heatshield is never mentioned in this guide

Beerbo - 回复

No reason to touch that screw unless you’re removing the shield—in which case, this step instructs you to remove it.

Jeff Suovanen -

So I stripped the screw furthest to the left, how can i possibly remove it now? Can I just buy a new LCD shield and home bracket button and screw and will that work just fine on the new screen replacement? this stripped screw of mine is not coming out

Bryan Ferrer - 回复

That should work, as long as you can still get the home button/sensor out without damage. For removing a stripped screw this size, I’d probably try supergluing it to the driver—or else just drill the top of the screw off and then remove the bracket, leaving the screw shaft embedded in the old display. Good luck!

Jeff Suovanen -

I used the same driver for all of these screws. Had to apply a lot of pressure before trying to unscrew it and it was fine.

jessica harlow - 回复

This is wrong, the size you need is Y00 for the 1.1mm screws and Y000 for the 1.3mm one.

Robert Clark - 回复

The heads on those screws are identical. I’ve never had any trouble using a Y000 for all of them. Use whatever works for you I guess.

Jeff Suovanen -

I’ve managed to strip the screw on the right hand side - not the far right, just right of the home button. Any ideas on how to get it out without glue (I don’t have any)

Christie Ellen - 回复

卸下固定Home/Touch ID传感器的支架。
  • 卸下固定Home/Touch ID传感器的支架。


从右侧向上断开Home键在插座中相连线缆的连接器。 从右侧向上断开Home键在插座中相连线缆的连接器。
  • 从右侧向上断开Home键在插座中相连线缆的连接器。

Well, I just damaged the home button connector in step 31. It is completely off the cable. What now? Can I buy this home button?

LadyTech - 回复

  • 轻轻地移出Home键相连的线缆。

    • 请不要尝试按压连接器——轻轻将其抬起以卸下Home/Touch ID传感器线缆。


翻转显示组件,将一个加热过的iOpener放置在Home/Touch ID传感器区域约90秒。
  • 翻转显示组件,将一个加热过的iOpener放置在Home/Touch ID传感器区域约90秒。

  • 这将帮助软化固定传感器线缆的粘合胶。


使用一个塑料撬片轻柔地分离固定Home/Touch ID传感器线缆到显示面板后侧的粘合胶。 使用一个塑料撬片轻柔地分离固定Home/Touch ID传感器线缆到显示面板后侧的粘合胶。 使用一个塑料撬片轻柔地分离固定Home/Touch ID传感器线缆到显示面板后侧的粘合胶。
  • 使用一个塑料撬片轻柔地分离固定Home/Touch ID传感器线缆到显示面板后侧的粘合胶。


卸下Home/Touch ID传感器组件。
  • 卸下Home/Touch ID传感器组件。

True to this picture, the home button can only be removed (and put back in place) through the front of the LCD assembly.

Talon - 回复

Very good comment Talon. That was the first thing I was looking for here. There should be a bullet point in step 24 - Carefully remove home button from front of display being careful not to damage cable.

Tracey - 回复

Had an issue when putting the screen back on, the side where the cables attach would not sit flush. At first I thought the cables were pushing the screen up. Turned out to be the battery cable shield was just a fraction too far down toward home button. After loosening screws, nudging it up slightly and screwing back in, the screen sat flush as it should. In case anyone else has same issue.

jbarry - 回复

卸下三颗固定听筒支架到前部面板的Phillips 螺丝。
  • 卸下三颗固定听筒支架到前部面板的Phillips 螺丝。

    • 两颗2.6mm螺丝。

    • 一颗1.7mm螺丝。

I am measuring the screws; my digital caliper measures both the top at 1.88mm not 2.6

Marco Cueva - 回复

I just checked the screw measurements and they match what’s shown in the guide. Are you sure you’re looking at the right screws?Are you sure your caliper is accurate? Was your iPhone serviced in the past and reassembled incorrectly? Something isn’t right. The measurements here are the screw lengths, by the way—just in case you were measuring something else.

Jeff Suovanen -

  • 卸下听筒扬声器支架。


向上撬起前置摄像头将其翻开以露出听筒扬声器。 向上撬起前置摄像头将其翻开以露出听筒扬声器。
  • 向上撬起前置摄像头将其翻开以露出听筒扬声器。


卸下以下两种将听筒扬声器固定到前面板的 Phillips 螺丝:
  • 卸下以下两种将听筒扬声器固定到前面板的 Phillips 螺丝:

    • 一颗1.9mm螺丝

    • 一颗2.5mm螺丝


  • 卸下听筒扬声器。


使用撬棒轻轻地撬起环境光线传感器使其离开前部面板的凹槽。 尝试将您的工具一直保持在传感器的下方来将其撬离下方的透明塑料。如果仅撬动排线的话,传感器有可能从排线分离并需要重新安装它。如果您想要替换传感器/排线组的话,那就没关系了。
  • 使用撬棒轻轻地撬起环境光线传感器使其离开前部面板的凹槽。

  • 尝试将您的工具一直保持在传感器的下方来将其撬离下方的透明塑料。如果仅撬动排线的话,传感器有可能从排线分离并需要重新安装它。如果您想要替换传感器/排线组的话,那就没关系了。

I’m sorry to comment but this step is wrong. The proximity sensor is sticked to the display. I was following this instruction and the sensor was unvelded from the flex cable. Now it’s workless. It’s a fortune that the only problem with the iPhone is that while calling and holding the phone to the ear, the display doesn’t turn off.

I recommend to gently pushing against the transparent plastic enclosure near the sensor and once it’s unsticked, keep pushing against the sensor’s body. In this way the sensor welding doesn’t bear/support any extra load on it.

At least, my iPhone 7G had the sensor sticked to the display. Maybe some day I will replace it (around 20€ - 25€ on ebay)

I won't claim to iFixit nor stop using this website. Whenever I higly recommend to iFixt technitians to revise such kind of “errors”. At least for expensive devices like Apple products.

Miguel Cretu - 回复

I editted this guide and added these two comments. I already know about this “trick”. It’s your own decision to follow my suggestion or not.

Miguel Cretu - 回复

I have fixed 2 screens now on iPhone 7. The 1st time I didn’t have this problem, 2nd time I did. I would agree with Miguel Cretu and save yourself the hassle and remove the sensor and it’s surround altogether.

Wayne Lyell - 回复

再次加热 iOpener并将其放置在显示组件上部边缘一侧以软化固定前置摄像头及传感器组件到位的粘合胶。
  • 再次加热 iOpener并将其放置在显示组件上部边缘一侧以软化固定前置摄像头及传感器组件到位的粘合胶。

    • 放置约2分钟,粘合胶足够软化后,再进行下一步操作。


向前置摄像头罩的一侧滑入撬片以分离固定线缆到前部面板的粘合胶。止于螺丝位之前。 向前置摄像头罩的一侧滑入撬片以分离固定线缆到前部面板的粘合胶。止于螺丝位之前。 向前置摄像头罩的一侧滑入撬片以分离固定线缆到前部面板的粘合胶。止于螺丝位之前。
  • 向前置摄像头罩的一侧滑入撬片以分离固定线缆到前部面板的粘合胶。止于螺丝位之前。


使用撬片撬起位于前部面板的摄像头线缆及两个塑料扣,分离最后的粘合剂。 使用撬片撬起位于前部面板的摄像头线缆及两个塑料扣,分离最后的粘合剂。 使用撬片撬起位于前部面板的摄像头线缆及两个塑料扣,分离最后的粘合剂。
  • 使用撬片撬起位于前部面板的摄像头线缆及两个塑料扣,分离最后的粘合剂。


  • 卸下前置摄像头及传感器线缆。

Look at the camera assembly closely. There are two cables soldered together. Do not separate the pieces by mistake . Get the pick all the way below both ,and they will come off together.

turboduck2 - 回复

Good statement I made that mistake on my first iPhone 7 Plus !

Jaye - 回复

Its not mentioned here but there is a small philips screw at the top left that you may have to transfer to your new lcd panel

Steve - 回复

分别从显示组件两侧卸下3颗1.2毫米三点Y000螺丝,总共为6颗螺丝。 分别从显示组件两侧卸下3颗1.2毫米三点Y000螺丝,总共为6颗螺丝。
  • 分别从显示组件两侧卸下3颗1.2毫米三点Y000螺丝,总共为6颗螺丝。

i miss the screw size here

Beerbo - 回复

I think it's 1.2mm Y000


I d’ont think the screw size is correct, because i had to order a new heat shield plate, because my original broke during the replacement.

Marco Burkhalter - 回复

加热 iOpener 并将其放置于护罩靠近Home键的边缘以软化固定的粘合胶。
  • 加热 iOpener 并将其放置于护罩靠近Home键的边缘以软化固定的粘合胶。


使用塑料撬片划开Home键附近,用来固定LCD保护片到显示组件的粘合胶。 使用塑料撬片划开Home键附近,用来固定LCD保护片到显示组件的粘合胶。 使用塑料撬片划开Home键附近,用来固定LCD保护片到显示组件的粘合胶。
  • 使用塑料撬片划开Home键附近,用来固定LCD保护片到显示组件的粘合胶。


从显示组件轻轻地撬起LCD保护片。 当卸下LCD保护片时请务必小心不要戳到并损坏显示屏数据线缆。
  • 从显示组件轻轻地撬起LCD保护片。

    • 当卸下LCD保护片时请务必小心不要戳到并损坏显示屏数据线缆。


  • 只剩下了屏幕面板组件。







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When I took off the home button, a small black square rubber piece fell out. while prying off the cable.

Can anyone tell me where this is supposed to go when I put the home button back on.

Joe in PA - 回复

The small black square that fell off is originally located on the bottom pentalobe screw bracket on the screen. It can slide back over it if you place it right.

Primus -

useless guide without a guide how to mount it all back on.

The home button wont fit back in its whole

iffbas - 回复

You have to put the flex through the hole from the front, and set the button against the front of the screen. Just like you got it out, in reverse.

Eric Davies -

The home button is a very delicate assembly. Once you have the home button's cable off the back of the display, and the screws off, push it lightly out from the back of the display. It should fall out.

michelle mcdonald - 回复

Would be nice to show the process of making it watertight again.

Justin - 回复

I have tried to fit 2 different lcd’s to an iphone 7 and the phone keeps going to apple logo and then black but when I disconnect the home button the phone load up

jamesreid1958 - 回复

There was an apple update that fixed that issue, it was update that caused the crash

CPR Fredericksburg -

I have completed the screen repair, although now the iPhone takes minutes to boot up and then keeps freezing when trying to use it. I have connected the old screen just in case it’s the new screen that’s the issue although it still appears to be the same. Also now when I connect the camera flex at the top the iPhone just boot loops. I have also tried a new Camera flex with the same result. Can anyone help with either of these problems?

Donald - 回复

When reassembling the home sensor and the front camera without using any adhesive, how will that affect the end result? Or is it implicit that you should use adhevise of some sort when reassembling?

Per Helm - 回复

How do i get adhesive to make the phone waterproof again and where can I get a good lcd to replace my damaged one

Iyinoluwa Ayedegbe - 回复

Hi, you can find a new LCD here, and new adhesive here. Replacing the adhesive won’t guarantee that the phone is waterproof again, but it certainly helps.

Adam O'Camb -

It has been mentioned here through virtue of the fact that Joe in PA queried what the rubber grommets were for after prying off the home button ribbon cable, if this is for a replacement LCD it might be worth adding a step advising that these need to be removed carefully by sliding them up and off the pentalobe screw brackets with tweezers as they’ll need to be moved across to the replacement screen, 3rd party replacements don’t come with them fitted.

Brendon Gould - 回复

With a little time and patience, I switched out the lcd screen. My only issues are that even though i used the same home button, the finger print feature no longer works and the screen is way to sensitive that it has to be put on speaker phone for calls because my cheek touches the phone. i’ve been trying to find out if there is an adhesive that is supposed to be on the back of the lcd screen when i reassembled it or anything else i can do to remedy this frustrating issues.

Stacy Mails - 回复

Is your screen illuminated while you talk? If so, the proximity sensor may not be seated properly, or broken. Trying to understand what you mean by the screen being too sensitive.

daimodess -

If I am harvesting another iPhone 7 for parts, do I need to remove everything from the screen? I know I need to move the home button for touch ID, but can I just leave other things like the front facing camera alone, or are those tied to the logic board too?

d0rk4l - 回复

The home button’s Touch ID is the only thing that’s tied to the logic board. All the other small parts on the screen can be freely replaced or moved to another iPhone 7 and will retain functionality.

Adam O'Camb -



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