此指南会教导你如何更换你iPhone 6s Plus的主板。

需要注意的是,每个iPhone的主板和Touch ID指纹传感器都在工厂进行了配对,因此,更换主板将导致Touch ID不可用,除非您还安装了与该主板对应的Home键


  • 在开始拆卸之前关闭你的手机。

  • 拧出Lightning接口两侧的2颗3.4 mm 五角(梅花形)螺丝。

Make sure you use the correct screw driver tip to remove these screws, which for the iPhone 6s Plus is the P2, otherwise you may strip the tip of the screw making it 10 times harder to remove. If once the screw is lose, it will not come off, use a magnet to remove it.

Miguel Perez - 回复

If I do it by myself, will it damage the water resistant strip?

I know iphone 7 have it ,but I am not sure 6s plus have it.

Ganqian Zhu - 回复

iPhone 6s has an adhesive gasket under the display, similar to the iPhone 7—however, it doesn’t add much in the way of waterproofing since the 6s has non-sealed openings in other parts of the phone. Water resistance on the 6s is primarily internal (seals around the logic board connectors, etc.). It may still be worthwhile to replace the adhesive on the 6s in order to help keep the display firmly seated so it doesn’t move/wobble at all under pressure, but the phone will continue to work fine whether you replace the adhesive or not.

Jeff Suovanen -

Salve nella procedura iniziale di smontaggio display con la ventosa non è menzionato il fatto di scaldare i lati del display per “ammorbidire” la striscia che incolla il display alla scocca.

Non è necessaria la cosa o è consigliabile ?


Hello, in the initial disassembling procedure with the suction cup, it is not mentioned how to heat the sides of the display to "soften" the strip that glues the display to the body.

Is not the thing necessary or is it advisable?

thank you

Daniele - 回复

How do I know that the Battery has ZERO Charging Cycles on it when it arrives ? Is there a (downside) to Higher Capacity batteries ? It is INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT to maintain a “Zero Chinese Products Lifestyle”, so how do I know that I’m not getting a deficient Chinese battery, potentially a refurb. battery ?

integritybuilders - 回复

When your repair is complete, you can use coconutBattery to check your new battery stats and cycle count. (A properly tested battery may already have a charge cycle or two on it.) Avoid higher capacity batteries on iPhones—they’re generally either gimmicks, unsafe, or both. As far as the quality of the part, that comes down to how much you trust your supplier and whether they guarantee the product.

Jeff Suovanen -

6s Plus屏幕四个边缘周围有黏胶固定, 若你选择要更换黏胶的话, 在你拆解之前, 最好是先准备好新的黏胶。若你本身不想更换新黏胶也行, 因为在功能上, 跟使用原有的黏胶没有太大差别 。
  • 6s Plus屏幕四个边缘周围有黏胶固定, 若你选择要更换黏胶的话, 在你拆解之前, 最好是先准备好新的黏胶。若你本身不想更换新黏胶也行, 因为在功能上, 跟使用原有的黏胶没有太大差别 。

  • 将吸盘置于屏幕左下角, 进行拆解。

take out screws first!!

Yoav Karmon - 回复

Make sure you use the right screw driver tip for i phone 6s Plus, which is the P-2. If the screw will not come off once is lose, try using a magnet.

Miguel Perez - 回复

My cracked screen prevented the suction cup from sealing. SOLUTION: With a piece of clear packing tape across the screen, the suction cup will seal and pull.

Jim Cowles - 回复

使用巧劲拉动吸盘, 直到屏幕与后盖中间出现缝隙为止。 注意, 若拉太大力会造成屏幕损坏。只要打开到让显示屏与后盖有个小缝隙即可。
  • 使用巧劲拉动吸盘, 直到屏幕与后盖中间出现缝隙为止。

  • 注意, 若拉太大力会造成屏幕损坏。只要打开到让显示屏与后盖有个小缝隙即可。

I had a shattered front glass panel so I could not get the suction cup to seal properly. I tried a couple of different ways to get good suction but to no avail. I eventually used a Stanley knife to pry up the corner so I could get the spudger into the opening.

John Architzel - 回复

A really high quality packing tape over the entire screen will usually be enough to use the suction cup on a shattered screen.

djwooten -

I used a suction cup on each side to provide counter traction. I braced the iphone between my knees and pulled apart while my helper inserted the spudger

jkanne - 回复

This was by FAR the most difficult part of this whole thing. I confess the spudger was not cutting it so I used a butter knife to get into the small opening first, then used the spudger to go around the screen.

Julie Sanchez - 回复

Hey everyone, if you never have done this part before be aware there is an extremely strong adhesive around the lip of the screen and once again is extremely strong. I had to get a friend to insert the pry/pick into the small gap while I used one hand to brace the phone down and the other to pull the suction cup without it digging into my hand. Go slow, it took me 5 tries because I didn’t realize how strong the adhesive was.

bartmistrot - 回复

I also had a badly cracked lower screen - that glass was actually threatening to pull off the phone in chunks during this step, even with packing tape. Resorted to @j2arch’s tip and inserted a utility knife vertically into the seam between the display and phone body. Was able to lever the glass enough to get the spudger in there.

Jason Augustyn - 回复

I have replaced sevrel screens for my sister in law and my niece. The packing tape has worked every time and that’s with it Shattered and pieces already falling out. You have to make sure the packing tape goes to the edge of the screen but doesn’t touch the frame. I have the plier like screen remover and use that it is much easier to remove the screen by your self with that tool. I also have the little finger suction cup that comes with the kit here. I bought the plier suction cup tool When I had to replace the screen that had the pieces of the screen missing and I don’t regret spending the extra money for that it has made a world of difference. I do this as a hobby it’s not a job for me. The electric divide repair kit from Lowe’s is also a very good kit to help. If you’re only going to do it once the kit that comes with the package is a great deal from ifixit. Well worth the money to spend the little extra to get the kit if you all ready don’t have the tools.

Brent - 回复

在屏幕下有个槽口, 位置正好在耳机插槽上方。这里是撬开的最佳位置。 当吸盘还吸附着屏幕的同时, 将撬棒平面那头插进屏幕与后盖的缝隙, 也就是耳机插槽上方位置。 当吸盘还吸附着屏幕的同时, 将撬棒平面那头插进屏幕与后盖的缝隙, 也就是耳机插槽上方位置。
  • 在屏幕下有个槽口, 位置正好在耳机插槽上方。这里是撬开的最佳位置。

  • 当吸盘还吸附着屏幕的同时, 将撬棒平面那头插进屏幕与后盖的缝隙, 也就是耳机插槽上方位置。

This was by far the hardest part of the repair for me. Getting leverage while finding a way to prod with a spudger is a challenge in coordination. I used a second spudger with point holding the phone down by the headphone jack, with the other end of the spudger anchored to my desk.

drpotter - 回复

用撬棒将缝隙左右边撑开, 使屏幕从机身上分离。 用撬棒将缝隙左右边撑开, 使屏幕从机身上分离。
  • 用撬棒将缝隙左右边撑开, 使屏幕从机身上分离。

just changed the screen, but due to the tape along side the screen , it is best to heat a little so the glue losses and you can get the screen off better, like indicated

Bart Blanckaert - 回复

将吸盘往上拉的同时, 将撬棒平的那头插进手机左侧, 屏幕与背盖间的缝隙。 将吸盘往上拉的同时, 将撬棒平的那头插进手机左侧, 屏幕与背盖间的缝隙。 将吸盘往上拉的同时, 将撬棒平的那头插进手机左侧, 屏幕与背盖间的缝隙。
  • 将吸盘往上拉的同时, 将撬棒平的那头插进手机左侧, 屏幕与背盖间的缝隙。


将撬棒平的那头插进手机左侧, 前面板与背盖间的缝隙。 将撬棒平的那头插进手机左侧, 前面板与背盖间的缝隙。
  • 将撬棒平的那头插进手机左侧, 前面板与背盖间的缝隙。


将撬棒平的那头插进手机右侧, 屏幕与背盖间的缝隙。 将撬棒缓慢地沿着底部边缘移到右边。
  • 将撬棒平的那头插进手机右侧, 屏幕与背盖间的缝隙。

  • 将撬棒缓慢地沿着底部边缘移到右边。


当你用吸盘将屏幕小心地掀开时, 使用塑料Opening工具将后盖撑住。 請勿將屏幕完全掀开, 因为屏幕上还有排线连接, 如果掀开角度过大, 可能造成排线损坏。
  • 当你用吸盘将屏幕小心地掀开时, 使用塑料Opening工具将后盖撑住。

    • 請勿將屏幕完全掀开, 因为屏幕上还有排线连接, 如果掀开角度过大, 可能造成排线损坏。


使用巧劲将吸盘往上拉, 将屏幕与机身分离。 使用巧劲将吸盘往上拉, 将屏幕与机身分离。
  • 使用巧劲将吸盘往上拉, 将屏幕与机身分离。

Remember to apply the screen gasket on the re-assemble. The gasket is provided in the kit but not mentioned here on the instructions.

Won Hong - 回复

There’s a link to the entire gasket replacement procedure in Step 21.

Jeff Suovanen -

以屏幕顶端为支点,将屏幕缓缓地向上掀起。 将屏幕掀至约90º竖起, 并且在你操作的时候找个东西支撑着它。 請勿將屏幕掀开超过90º, 因为屏幕上还有3条排线连接, 如果掀开角度过大, 可能造成排线损坏。
  • 以屏幕顶端为支点,将屏幕缓缓地向上掀起。

  • 将屏幕掀至约90º竖起, 并且在你操作的时候找个东西支撑着它。

    • 請勿將屏幕掀开超过90º, 因为屏幕上还有3条排线连接, 如果掀开角度过大, 可能造成排线损坏。

    • 用橡皮筋将前面板与支撑物固定住。这可以避免拉扯到显示排线。

    • 若在紧要关头时, 你也可以用未开过的罐装饮料撑着屏幕, 这也是可行方法。


卸下电池排线固定架上的2颗Phillips #00 螺丝。
  • 卸下电池排线固定架上的2颗Phillips #00 螺丝。

    • 1颗2.9 mm螺丝

    • 1颗2.3 mm螺丝

FYI - I used some blue painters tape wrapped around a piece of cardboard to hold the screws and brackets in place, in order, so they did not get lost. Some of those screws are MICROSCOPIC so be careful!

I also suggest having very good lighting, even a camping headlight for hands-free well lit work space. You will thank me later :-)

Julie Sanchez - 回复

Use the bit labeled “PH000”.

Joe Teichert - 回复

PH000 bit just wants to free-spin in the 2.3 mm screw. no bite in the head at all. had no difficulty removing the 2.9 mm screw with the same Phillips. had to abandon battery replacement effort.

Benjamin Stalcup - 回复

For this part, neither PH000 or Y000 worked. Technically, it’ll set you back 31$ because you will need the PH00 screwdriver for this part, and the part where you need to open the screen. They have ph00 screwdrivers in every hardware store and even ifixit.com. just know that they put the wrong screwheads for you

Jack Daniel - 回复

取下电池连结固定板。 取下电池连结固定板。
  • 取下电池连结固定板。

Does it matter if the brackets arent put back in the phone? I bought a used phone and brackets are missing. Thanks!

Coupon Crazy - 回复

使用撬棒尖头那端将电池连结座往上撬开, 与主板分离。 使用撬棒尖头那端将电池连结座往上撬开, 与主板分离。 使用撬棒尖头那端将电池连结座往上撬开, 与主板分离。
  • 使用撬棒尖头那端将电池连结座往上撬开, 与主板分离。


使用撬棒将电池连结座与主板从插槽分离,避免操作中不小心接触到电池。 使用撬棒将电池连结座与主板从插槽分离,避免操作中不小心接触到电池。 使用撬棒将电池连结座与主板从插槽分离,避免操作中不小心接触到电池。
  • 使用撬棒将电池连结座与主板从插槽分离,避免操作中不小心接触到电池。

See my comment at the end of the procedure. If you work carefully, you need not remove the logic board and can skip ahead to step 38 after completing this step (disconnecting battery).

Mark Cousins - 回复

When putting the new battery in, make sure to line up the plug and not to the top of the battery… our battery was smaller so the plug would NOT have lined up if we used the top of the battery. ALSO, the plug was NOT 90 degrees so we had to finagle the plug. Also, make sure there is a clear CLICK when you plug in the connector or it may not work. Ours went in but guess didn’t go far enough so we had to take the screen off and push it harder until we heard the “click” then it worked fine.

Won Hong - 回复

  • 卸下图上的5颗Phillips螺丝。

    • 3颗1.3mm 螺丝

    • 1颗1.6mm 螺丝

    • 1颗3.0mm 螺丝

      • 在重新组装过程中, 请特别注意3.0mm 螺丝必须是拧在右上角的位置。如果放错地方, 可能会造成主板的损坏。

I really don't see value in removing screen use box and rubber band keep at 90 degrees.

John Parker - 回复

I leave screen on as well for this. - Tho I prefer a 45 degree lean.

Thor -

I just changed my battery and also left the screen attached. I was lucky enough to get all 3 adhesive battery strips out clean so I didn’t have a struggle with the battery coming out. If I was going to need to get rough with it I was going to take the screen off at that point.

Michael Gross - 回复

从主板上取下屏幕排线固定板 从主板上取下屏幕排线固定板
  • 从主板上取下屏幕排线固定板


Mac RAM 套件
Mac RAM 套件
请特别注意此步骤, 只需断开排线与接口即可, 千万不要连主机板的接口也一同撬开。 使用塑料Opening工具断开前摄像头排线与传感器排线接口, 与主板分离。
  • 请特别注意此步骤, 只需断开排线与接口即可, 千万不要连主机板的接口也一同撬开。

  • 使用塑料Opening工具断开前摄像头排线与传感器排线接口, 与主板分离。

FYI, in the video she uses the spudger for this but I think either one will work.

Julie Sanchez - 回复

使用塑料工具, 断开传感器排线接口, 与主板分离。 重新组装传感器排线时, 请注意不要按压传感器中间的地方。正确应该是先按压一边, 之后再按压另一边, 因为若按压中间的地方, 可能会使零件变形, 造成传感器损坏。
  • 使用塑料工具, 断开传感器排线接口, 与主板分离。

  • 重新组装传感器排线时, 请注意不要按压传感器中间的地方。正确应该是先按压一边, 之后再按压另一边, 因为若按压中间的地方, 可能会使零件变形, 造成传感器损坏。

Thanks you i fix it

God Hand - 回复

使用塑料Opening 工具断开显示排线接口, 与主板分离。 使用塑料Opening 工具断开显示排线接口, 与主板分离。
  • 使用塑料Opening 工具断开显示排线接口, 与主板分离。

How much is this to replace?

Alistair knight - 回复

And where could I buy from?

Alistair knight - 回复

After finishing the assembly I got the message “Touch ID cannot be enabled on this phone”. I found this connector was loose. Plugged it back in and that fixed it.

Bryan Province - 回复

Always make sure to disconnect the battery before you do any work on the phone replacing any parts the digitizer or anything. And before you start make sure the phone is turned off you don’t want any power surges. If you also have a static electricity bracelet that also is a plus to use but isn’t a necessity just a nice piece of mind. Some cases you do need to use one so you don’t discharge static electricity to an electrical component and mess it up.

Brent - 回复

Be very careful in this step. I noticed it’s very easy to tear the flex when trying to lift it out of its socket from the right side.

shoeib - 回复

至此,屏幕可以彻底与机身分离了。 在重新组装的过程中, 若你有准备新的胶条, 请先将旧的胶条清除干净, 再将新的胶条黏贴上去。
  • 至此,屏幕可以彻底与机身分离了。

  • 在重新组装的过程中, 若你有准备新的胶条, 请先将旧的胶条清除干净, 再将新的胶条黏贴上去。

You need to clarify where exactly these "adhesive strips around the display" are, what they look like, and where to purchase new ones from.

Anthony - 回复

You can see what they look like in this blog post. Hopefully we'll have replacement adhesive strips available in the future, but right now I don't know of any suppliers. Your phone will work fine without replacing the adhesive—if I had to guess, I'd say it's there as a little extra insurance against display wobble now that 3D Touch has users pushing harder on their phones.

Jeff Suovanen -

We now have a detailed guide for replacing the adhesive strips, and we should have them in stock soon. The guide has been updated to reflect this.

Jeff Suovanen -

For instructions on home button swap out to the new screen you just installed, go here

iPhone 6s Plus Home Button Assembly Replacement

Superior Office Systems - 回复

Do you know whether the adhesive contributes to waterproofing, or just for stability/adhesion?

Christa - 回复

@kitabel The iPhone 6s case isn’t waterproof, so I don’t think adhesive around the display is contributing anything other than stability. The 6s series does have some water resistance, but it’s mostly internal and not something Apple advertises.

Jeff Suovanen -

将黏在iSight摄像头固定板上的胶条清除干净。 将黏在iSight摄像头固定板上的胶条清除干净。 将黏在iSight摄像头固定板上的胶条清除干净。
  • 将黏在iSight摄像头固定板上的胶条清除干净。

If like me you are only wanting to clean out the speaker, you do not need to do this step. You can skip to step 50

Brad “Bradster48” Mason - 回复

  • 从iSight摄像头固定座卸下2颗Phillips螺丝。

    • 1颗1.9mm螺丝

    • 1颗2.4mm螺丝


卸下摄像头固定座。 卸下摄像头固定座。
  • 卸下摄像头固定座。


将摄像头连接座与主板分离。 请注意此步骤, 在作业过程中, 只需要将连接座分离即可, 不包含主板的接口。
  • 将摄像头连接座与主板分离。

  • 请注意此步骤, 在作业过程中, 只需要将连接座分离即可, 不包含主板的接口。


将撬棒平头那端插入摄像头与后盖之间 轻轻地撬开摄像头。
  • 将撬棒平头那端插入摄像头与后盖之间

  • 轻轻地撬开摄像头。


卸下摄像头。 卸下摄像头。
  • 卸下摄像头。

Hi ,

Thanks a lot for your tutorial !

Can you explain how can we change the lens of the camera ?

Thanks ;)

rocofolie - 回复

使用SIM卡取卡针或是回纹针插入SIM卡退卡孔中。 用力的向里面按压, 使卡托弹出。
  • 使用SIM卡取卡针或是回纹针插入SIM卡退卡孔中。

  • 用力的向里面按压, 使卡托弹出。


  • 从iPhone卸下SIM卡托。

  • 当你要将SIM卡装回时, 请注意卡托与SIM卡方向。


移除1颗固定NFC 固定板的1.4mm Phillips螺丝。
  • 移除1颗固定NFC 固定板的1.4mm Phillips螺丝。


卸下NFC固定板。 卸下NFC固定板。
  • 卸下NFC固定板。


  • 移除2颗固定音量控制排线固定板的Phillips螺丝。


卸下音量控制固定板。 卸下音量控制固定板。
  • 卸下音量控制固定板。


使用撬棒的平头断开音量控制排线接口, 与主板分离。 使用撬棒的平头断开音量控制排线接口, 与主板分离。
  • 使用撬棒的平头断开音量控制排线接口, 与主板分离。


使用撬棒尖头那端, 将天线排线与主板撬开分离。 使用撬棒尖头那端, 将天线排线与主板撬开分离。
  • 使用撬棒尖头那端, 将天线排线与主板撬开分离。

how do you plug this cable back in? any tips for lining up with the socket? i can't get it to stay :(

kapluni - 回复

Hold the cable with your tweezers and line the connector up over the socket as perfectly as you can, and then press straight down on it with the flat end of your spudger. Should snap into place with a bit of force.

Jeff Suovanen -

使用撬棒尖头那端, 将Wi-Fi天线排线与主板撬开分离。 使用撬棒尖头那端, 将Wi-Fi天线排线与主板撬开分离。
  • 使用撬棒尖头那端, 将Wi-Fi天线排线与主板撬开分离。


使用撬棒尖头那端, 将电源键排线与主板撬开分离。 使用撬棒尖头那端, 将电源键排线与主板撬开分离。
  • 使用撬棒尖头那端, 将电源键排线与主板撬开分离。


使用撬棒尖头那端, 将Lightning接口与连结天线的排线从主板撬开分离。 使用撬棒尖头那端, 将Lightning接口与连结天线的排线从主板撬开分离。
  • 使用撬棒尖头那端, 将Lightning接口与连结天线的排线从主板撬开分离。

This is not a Lightning connector - its a radio connector.

Brad Schwie - 回复

此用撬棒平头那端, 将Lightning 接口排线与主板分离。 此用撬棒平头那端, 将Lightning 接口排线与主板分离。
  • 此用撬棒平头那端, 将Lightning 接口排线与主板分离。

From here you can skip ahead to step 50.

Mark Cousins - 回复

将位于主板右边的天线排线, 从兩個夹子中夹起。 将位于主板右边的天线排线, 从兩個夹子中夹起。 将位于主板右边的天线排线, 从兩個夹子中夹起。
  • 将位于主板右边的天线排线, 从兩個夹子中夹起。

This is super vague. Doesn’t explain exactly HOW to remove the cable from the clips, like it does in step 44. Slightly damaged my cable because I didn’t know how to remove it or the nature of the clip.

Mason Rogers - 回复

  • 卸下图中的3颗Phillips螺丝。

    • 1颗1.3mm Phillips 螺丝

    • 1颗2.6mm Phillips 螺丝

    • 1颗2.2mm 隔离螺丝

Use can use a spudger in a pinch to dislodge the 2.2mm standoff screw. This was the most difficult screw in the phone. A Phillips bit will not work.

mechamster - 回复

卸下固定板。 卸下固定板。
  • 卸下固定板。


将位于左上方的天线排线, 从第一个主板的夹子底下夹起, 并往电池方向慢慢轻推。 将位于左上方的天线排线, 从第一个主板的夹子底下夹起, 并往电池方向慢慢轻推。
  • 将位于左上方的天线排线, 从第一个主板的夹子底下夹起, 并往电池方向慢慢轻推。


继续上个步骤, 把天线排线从主板的第二与第三个夹子分离。 使用撬棒尖头那端, 轻轻的将天线排线与中间主板的夹子分离。 请不要将排线从中间的夹子分离, 这样会造成容易扯掉排线。
  • 继续上个步骤, 把天线排线从主板的第二与第三个夹子分离。

  • 使用撬棒尖头那端, 轻轻的将天线排线与中间主板的夹子分离。

    • 请不要将排线从中间的夹子分离, 这样会造成容易扯掉排线。

  • 为了让排线可以顺利地与主板连结, 你必须将排线将排线置于主板上方, 并同时置于音量控制排线的下方, 如同第一张照片所示。


卸下位于SIM卡读卡器下方的 2.0mm Phillips 螺丝。
  • 卸下位于SIM卡读卡器下方的 2.0mm Phillips 螺丝。


小心地抬起, 但不要移除主板, 使用塑料三角撬片. 从底部靠近Lightning 接口附近的地方抬起。 小心地抬起, 但不要移除主板, 使用塑料三角撬片. 从底部靠近Lightning 接口附近的地方抬起。 小心地抬起, 但不要移除主板, 使用塑料三角撬片. 从底部靠近Lightning 接口附近的地方抬起。
  • 小心地抬起, 但不要移除主板, 使用塑料三角撬片. 从底部靠近Lightning 接口附近的地方抬起。


将主板掀起至90度的位置, 让位于上缘的天线连接座露出。 千万不要试着将主板完全移开, 因为Wi-Fi/蓝牙的天线都还与主板连接着。 千万不要试着将主板完全移开, 因为Wi-Fi/蓝牙的天线都还与主板连接着。
  • 将主板掀起至90度的位置, 让位于上缘的天线连接座露出。

  • 千万不要试着将主板完全移开, 因为Wi-Fi/蓝牙的天线都还与主板连接着。


轻轻地将主板倒放在桌上, 主板的上缘轻靠在后盖上即可。 使用撬棒平头那端, 将Wi-Fi/蓝芽天线排线, 从主板上的接口分离。
  • 轻轻地将主板倒放在桌上, 主板的上缘轻靠在后盖上即可。

  • 使用撬棒平头那端, 将Wi-Fi/蓝芽天线排线, 从主板上的接口分离。

Ugh, the socket connector separated from the back of the rigid cable. Two wires are still attached to the socket connector, but I’m guessing I’ll need to purchase a replacement WiFi/Bluetooth antenna cable at some point. I hope you sell these too?

Brad Schwie - 回复

**Update** I used the tiniest drop of super glue with activator on both the connector and cable. It seems to be holding! Will reassemble and see if it works. Lucky for me, you sell the replacement cable for $14.99 if my cheap bastard fix fails :)

Brad Schwie - 回复

**Update #2** Using super glue on the upper left wi-fi connector seems to have worked, both my bluetooth and wi-fi are working well post-repair.

Brad Schwie - 回复

  • 卸下主板。



如要组装的话, 请按逆序操作一下步骤。




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Dante Mazzanti


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Great guide thanks. I just want to ask: Does screw length include the head or not? If not, what's the best way to measure those tiny screws? I have digital calipers but measuring them is quite awkward.

AMT - 回复

Measurements are for the entire length of the screw, including the head. Putting the whole screw into a digital caliper should give you a reading very close to what you see here.

Jeff Suovanen -

Hi there! Great guide. Thank you. I was wondering if you ever removed the metal shields? If yes, how? I want to try to fix a water damaged phone.


LexiiCarrillo - 回复

Hey so I'm having a Problem with my iPhone 6s plus it won't respond to my Finger touch> i cleaned it , i Hold Lock and Home Button and nothing still same thing, i also Restored cause that what apple Suggested to do if none of those steps worked. Please Guys i need help on this one i really don't wanna pay a whole 500$ for a new iPhone.

Vick - 回复

Thanks for a great guide, is there any guide to remove the Sim Card reader for iPhone 6S plus to replace it?

Sevak - 回复

Hi…once i replaced the logic board do i needed to replace also the touch id button?

ArnelCastillo - 回复

If you want TouchID to work you will need to replace both.

Joe -

Best site, and best Techies, excellent job guys

Soufiane Louchene - 回复

Great guide. In fact, if it wasn’t for the color coded screw highlights and their given lengths, I may not have been able to re-assemble the phone. Thanks!

Repair-IT - 回复

guys where can i purchase the logic board ? TIA

jewen - 回复

Suggestion on where to buy the logic board with paired home button?

Chris Bazydola - 回复



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