Xbox One X是微软最新的游戏机。 它比现在其他的游戏机的功耗高出40%,以让您身临其境,享受真正的4K游戏。 我们在拆解序表上看到过Xbox One的两个早期版本 - 最初版本和Xbox One S - 同时它们易于拆卸和模块化组件使我们印象深刻。 Xbox One X会继续以这种方式构建,还是会因为它的马力全开而导致起修复性的降低? 只有一种方法才能让我们知道,现在让我开始拆解吧!

这个拆解是不是维修指南。 要维修你的的Xbox One X,请使用我们的服务手册

  • 只需要几个工具就可以将整个主机分开。
  • 到了内部,一片犀利且整洁的模块化设计以便我们能轻松地更换驱动器,风扇,散热片,PSU,无线板和前端子板。
  • 更少也更方便的固定措使得打开这一代Xbox比前代更容易。
  • 更换硬盘驱动器时会破坏保修标识,系统软件方面应付起来也会比较棘手。



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Uhg, the HDD reformat is the worst part. Why are we getting so many devices without guides? The video is more for entertainment than help for repair. I'd rather have less teardowns with complete guides. Last of all, why don't we get a Pixel 2 teardown? That's like getting a iPhone 8 plus teardown but no regular teardown. Especially considering the regular model is probably more popular.

George A. - 回复

Hi @pccheese! We’ll have guides eventually, but they take much longer to create than a teardown. You’re right, teardowns are not meant to be used as instructions and are no substitute for a proper guide. As far as Pixel 2, our team is small and we only had the bandwidth for a full teardown on one of the two Pixel phones. The XL was chosen in part because it has gotten more attention, due to the more dramatically updated design. FYI the vanilla Pixel 2’s internals look very, very similar to the original Pixel XL, but with the addition of the same Active Edge strain gauges we saw in the 2 XL.

Jeff Suovanen -

@jeffsu If you have these devices and you are tearing them down internally, perhaps iFixit can take the pictures and the community could write the guides. I have no problem writing the guides- but my photography setup isn't always set up when I'm about to fix something.

A proper step by step teardown is much more helpful for repair then a video. I'm sure people use the teardown all the time for repair on many devices.

George A. -

@jeffsu So what about the guides?

George A. -

Taking pictures is actually quite time-consuming, otherwise I’m sure we’d take you up on that. :) Bear with us a bit, the guidewriting team is down a few people so our pace is definitely not what we’d like it to be in terms of guide production at the moment. We’re working on it!

Jeff Suovanen -


This teardown is only availablein video or there is a text version, as the other teardowns?

Mariano - 回复

Wheres the reassembly video

Emily Cunningham - 回复

Emily, the reassembly is the reverse to the tear down. Hope this is of some help. Regards.

George -

It’s actually not that hard to format the XB1 HDD now. There is a Windows script available on the net. That script can make the self installed hard drive perform like the factor one by changing the UUID. I tested the script, it’s super easy to use, just pick the standard 1TB or 2TB option, then it will do everything for you.

After that, simply install the new hard drive back into the XB1, and then boot from OSU1 to re-install the OS.

I have a 2TB SSHD formatted by this script, and I tested it on my XB1. Factory reset works, no more error code, it’s just like a factory 2TB SSHD XB1.

Someone claim that even 4TB options works, but I never tested by myself. Not sure how can that work flawlessly without any official 4TB XB1 as reference.

There is no need (in fact, prefer not) to mess around with Linux, self adjust the partition size, create folders / copying files to the system partition…… anymore.

martin.mt.lo - 回复

Will there be a written one soon?

Jack tritanki (tritanki) - 回复

My Xbox X recently broke but the internal HDD is in tact. If I buy a new Xbox X, can I put my original Xbox X internal HDD into the new Xbox X WITHOUT HAVING TO REFORMAT OR HACK IT? Can I just swap them out or is each internal HDD linked to the hardware/console in which it was originally manufactured?

topaznutsack - 回复

I am sorry for hearing that your Xbox X recently broke .There are few people on this website who are in the same situation as yours.It is suggested that you visit www.xbox.com and call for official and professional help there:-)

Richard Ye -

What is the part that screws onto the metal chassis with two screws?

Skyfire - 回复

I need this part: https://imgur.com/175mAT5 can someone please please tell me where I can get It replaced? Thanks.

Quizure - 回复

Come on guys, I’ve only buy all your tools and only use your guides over any other because they’re so in depth. Can you please release one as its almost over a year now. i’ve already misplaced a few screws that i have no idea where they should go. Its hard to get to grips on certain stages of the disassembly process purley relying on a video.

I plan on putting a bigger SSHD in mine but without your awesome guide it’s been a daunting process to say the least. Yours guides are always so professional too!

Gaurav Bahadur - 回复



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