Ping 值高,网络连接有问题? 按照本指南来更换WiFi模块。

要打开您的Xbox one 您必须剪开或剥下这个防拆机贴纸。 这会使您的保修失效! 拆的开心!
  • 要打开您的Xbox one 您必须剪开或剥下这个防拆机贴纸。 这会使您的保修失效! 拆的开心!

In the United States the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 is a Federal Law that states that stickers and clauses are illegal. It says you can open your electronics without voiding the warranty, regardless of what language of that warranty says.

Dustin D'Amour - 回复

Stickers are illegal!?

Brandon -

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ThelmaBass - 回复

every time i finish my www.rushmyessays.co.uk i play games on the xbox. i would definitely go for the fan exchage because i think mine has started making strange noises. thank you for posting with this

CrystalVaughn - 回复

For anyone concerned, if you apply heat with a blow dryer or heat gun you can carefully remove the sticker without damaging it, making it impossible to know that the sticker was ever removed.

Kelton Stewart - 回复

Wow you are going places!! very intelligent!!

billy khan - 回复

  • 使用塑料撬棒撬起USB端口周围的塑料散热口。

  • 散热口是十分有弹性的,使用塑料夹固定,然后将其剥离。

great guide for Xbox users, really enjoyed reading this material here online. really happy to see how things have been better and best specially in availing papersowl reviews. Thanks to all the creators.

Tammi Sherrer - 回复

  • 在Xbox前角处有一个加强了前角的小塑料卡扣。

  • 将卡扣向后滑动并将其取出。

Do u sell that plastic tag I need it

Brandon - 回复

Here is What's Stated in Step-3 : (There is a small plastic tab that reinforces the front corner of the Xbox.) Actually, the "Tab" is NOT SMALL at all. See the Picture: The "TAB" is the Piece that this Person has their Thumb on, is the Tab that you NEED TO SLIDE TOWARDS THE "REAR" of the Unit. You will be able to tell How this Large Tab Holds the Top and the Bottom Case Covers together. Take Note how to Replace this tab back where it Belongs, when you are putting the Case Covers back together. Hope that this comment will help you. 6-29-2017

B.L. Spence - 回复

  • 在机壳后方侧面通风口处上下接缝中插入撬棒的扁平端。

  • 卡扣的力量非常大(通常第一个就是这样),需要您使用一点力气。

  • 将撬棒留在原位直至您完全打开,机壳是十分有弹性的,避免一会自己自动卡回去。


  • 在Xbox 剩下的几个侧面中仍被几个卡扣固定。

  • 在后散热口的上下壳连接处插入撬棒,分离卡扣。


  • 继续向后部移动,撬起卡扣。

  • 确保撬棒撬起位置的正确。 一些位置是被撬棒撬起但撬棒一拿走就会自行合上,所以保持撬棒已经撬起地方的开口不要自行合上,别让努力白费。


  • 继续撬,滑动着撬着样效率更高。

  • 当您到达后壳边缘处时,顶壳应该可以脱落了。 如果没有,使用撬棒来环绕一圈检查,除了USB端口的位置。


  • 从刚才您放下第一个撬棒的位置开始,尝试撬起剩下几个卡扣。

    • 使用撬棒来打来还没有释放的卡扣。

  • 切勿现在就抬起上壳,它仍通过前面板与电源线缆相连接。

    • 轻轻抬起上壳,来进入前面板。


  • 前按钮电缆有着一个独特的ZIF连接器,请注意按照以下步骤断开连接。

  • 使用镊子将塑料保持环从连接电路板上提起。

  • 使用尖嘴端将连接器的锁定片推向电缆以解锁。


  • 使用镊子将线缆从电路板上的连接器中拔出。

  • 移除上面板


  • 接下来的四步指导您如何组装,如果还要进行拆解请跳过。

  • 使用撬棒扁平的一段来松开前面板的卡扣。

  • 从顶壳上卸下前面板。


  • 重新放置顶壳。

  • 对其卡扣,按压紧实,确保卡扣已经卡到位。


  • 在Xbox前段支撑着前面板。

  • 使用使用镊子将电缆重新安装。

  • 使用撬棒扁平的一端来将ZIF锁向左推来锁定线缆。


  • 将机器下边缘塑料卡扣与前面板相互锁紧。

  • 45度将前面板卡扣与机器上的卡扣卡紧。

  • 将前面板推向Xbox,就像关邮箱一样。 使劲按压,确保卡扣已经全部上紧。


  • 移除WiFi板上两颗9.5mm T9 Torx 螺丝。


  • 使用撬棒扁平的一端来移除WiFi板上的WiFi天线


  • 径直提起WiFi板,将其与Xbox 本体分离。







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I think I'm going to try this. This would fix my: "I think there's a problem" error not being able scan for wifi, Id safely assume.

Stephen Erickson - 回复

On top of that when I factory reset the box it gives me the error right away not even letting me bypass wireless connection and straight to hardwire.

Stephen Erickson -

Same here. Factory reset and made the system obsolete. Did you end up replacing the card and did it work?

Lightning Shaft -


Did you managed to fix WiFi error with this method?

iminem - 回复

has anyone figured this out?

Nicholas Everett -

$15 for a new card and 10 minutes for the swap. Fixed my "permanently wired internet connection" (even with nothing plugged in) problem 100%!

Seth Schoenhardt -

Super easy and 100% effective wifi problem fix. $15 and 10 minutes. Hella cheaper and faster than the $120 service repair offered by Xbox.

Seth Schoenhardt -

I wonder if adding internal wireless antenna to com1 and com3 help with wifi signal?

therealhellcat - 回复

how can we get rid of this hardware problem message?

Nicholas Everett - 回复

Has anyone figured this problem out i switch the wifi drive and still getting "hardware issues" not letting me connect to wifi either it says security protocol but i checked it everything else connects fine even xbox360 now im stuck i did the factory reset and in stuck on the connection

Jess - 回复

Have you figured out your issue yet? I have had the exact same thing happen and dont wanna spend 30 bucks on a board if it isnt going to help

Jaeden Pohl -


Did the remote works if we remove the Wi-Fi Board?

Thanks you,

Maxime Bordeleau - 回复

For those of you getting the "something is wrong with the network hardware" error, I tried this method and it did not fix it.

Angelo Lucciola - 回复

Did you replace the actual wifi board Angelo?

Can anyone confirm this part fixed their Xbox one console?

Mj Tyler -

This module definitly is for the controller connection, the bluetooth and the WiFi.

The cable only connects to the WiFi antenna at the front panel, for much better WiFi signal.

In my case, my controllers disconnect at 100% at some distance, but also randomly disconnect at short range. So my idea is to attach some antennas, instead of replacing the still working WiFi module.

Can anyone tell me if that is going to work?

Matze Schobi - 回复

I think your board will probably end up failing eventually if you are having disconnect problems even at close range. If it does I can confirm that replacing this board seemed to work for me.

bloomwrestler29 -

My controllers do not connect with my xbox, does anyone know how i can find out if i need to replace the whole wifi card or only the cable?

Filipe - 回复

Hi does anyone know what CON3 and CON1 are on this board?

Jeff - 回复

My controllers were constantly disconnecting and reconnecting. It got to the point where they wouldn't reconnect and would no longer turn on the console. I followed this guide exactly, took about 25mins and I am no tech genius. My controllers now turn on the console. I haven't done any gaming with them but I will update my comment if they start to fail. I do expect them to fail again someday as I just bought a WiFi board that was pulled from a demolished unit. I found it for $23.95 Amazon but it does look considerably used on arrival. The ones they sell on Ifixit might be new, not sure. Hope this helps!


bloomwrestler29 - 回复

Any update on whether this worked for your problem?

Ryun Konze -

The board worked for a few months but I am having troubles again. It seems like the Xbox overheats and melts some solder. I am curious if the xbox one slim board can be used its place. It's a bluetooth board, so that might be a problem.

Mitchell Bloom -

I'm trying to add a better wifi card to increase the megs a second download rate I have 300meg internet but my Xbox doesn't go past 100 will this fix that issue

anthony_p_franklin - 回复

Changed the card as my controllers were not syncing with the console, everything was fine for about 8 hours now controllers wont sync anymore with new card.

Must be something causing this to break deeper.

Bobhoskins - 回复

Bobhoskins - I Haved the same problem, changed the card and the problem return some days later

Andre Calhau - 回复

im thinking in use te wireless dongle of microsoft

Andre Calhau - 回复

Problem Solved, the problem are in the cabele between de mother board and the wireless card

Andre Calhau - 回复

so you replaced the cable and board? and it worked? or did you re connect the cable to a better position and replace the board? i have wifi board on the way from ebay i hope this fixes my problem. i factory reset and cannot bypass the initial setup

Pointofsid Tetris - 回复

did replacing the board fix it? I’m stuck after a hard reset… I can ping when i plug in a hard wire, but the xbrick won’t let me get past the reboot config without wireless…

Logan Versele -

Can someone say if they have resolved the hardware problem and what they actually did to do this??

kez_lfc1892 - 回复

Does the MAC address of the XBOX One change when the NIC is replaced? Additionally, are the wireless and wired both controlled by this device?

forensic - 回复

I have the same error 'hardware problem' I did a factory reset and now can't get passed network setup. This problem arose after took the Xbox apart to swap the hard drive which I never ended up doing because I had the wrong replacement hard drive. I did disconnect the hard drive in the Xbox one and reconnect it. Also disconnected the wifi board. I reconnected everything as it should be. Turned the Xbox one on and let the kids play their game offline for awhile. Then I went to play battlefield 1, online of course. And nope. Did all the common troubleshooting tips for network problems and that's when I got the dreaded hardware problem error. I've already bought a new Xbox one but I'd still like to fix this Day One Edition Xbox One. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

Colin - 回复

you have to buy a new wifi board on ebay for like $10 and plug it in instead of the old one

RPGeniu5 -

For everyone asking if this worked yes it does all you have to do is follow the steps and put in the new WiFi board you can buy off eBay or Amazon, i just did it and everything works fine, as i write this my Xbox is downloading an update.

RPGeniu5 - 回复

Can anyone confirm if this can ADD Bluetooth functionality to first generation (non-S) models?

ryank401 - 回复

Will this fix my problem with my WiFi/Ethernet not being able to connect and say theres a Hardware issue?

Dont Lack - 回复

Awesome, got the board on its way so will be doing the swap soon as it arrives. :) %#*@ annoying having the controllers drop out every 30s :D

XPD - 回复

Perfect, I ordered the replacement board from a seller on Ebay, arrived 2 months later, installed it last night with the assistance of my 10 year daughter :) We now have working controllers again that dont disconnect every 10s :D

XPD - 回复

Took 20 minutes to replace!! Very easy process. Thanks for the great instructions.

Mark Masarik - 回复



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