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  • Die korrekte Art und Weise, nur das Glas im Galaxy S7 Smartphone zu ersetzen. Um die Reparatur abzuschließen, folge den einzelnen Schritten in der Aufzeichnung.

Although technically accurate in the replacement, this video requires expensive equipment not owned or readily available to most individuals. In short, I cannot recommend this video to anyone “unless” I know they have laboratory level equipment.

Nathanael Lock - Antwort


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Alex Sander

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Completely useless video.

Riza Khan - Antwort

Technically the ‘correct’ way to replace the glass. However, not possible without the equipment shown in the video. Regular DIY individuals don’t have this equipment. Video should be flagged or at least given a category of equipment requirements. Basically not useful.

Nathanael Lock - Antwort

Thanks fot your suggestions. I will try to make next tutorial more accessible for more people. Appreciate your contribution to this thread :)

Alex Sander -

Very professional video tutorial. I plan to start repair business and found it very helpful, thanks!

Gethard Hanawald - Antwort

I’m vey happy you like it, good luck in your business!

Alex Sander -

is there any way to replace glass at home, without professional equipment?

Irek Kopta - Antwort

In this method there will be difficult to succeed. You need to find out how to do it with LOCA method. Best luck Irek!

Alex Sander -

I use pipe freeze to get the glass away from digitiser freeze it right off

apple care - Antwort

That’s a good way to do it. Soon we will work this method out and share our experience :)

Alex Sander -

This video is great if I'm opening a repair shop

Tom K - Antwort

Thanks for the comment! Who knows, maybe one day you will ;)

Alex Sander -

No voiceover, no subtitles, no details whatsoever. Completely pointless.

Alex Korbey - Antwort

Like others, I have found the lack of equipment details to render this not terribly useful. Exactly what tools/equipment were used during every stage? What other supplies such as adhesives or adhesive removers were used? Etc.

Drew Nielson - Antwort

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