在Galaxy Note7的自燃退出之后,三星希望能够与Galaxy S8系列产生不同的热度。 我们仔细解剖并分析了Galaxy S8 + 。现在我们把注意力放在更小的双胞胎 ,Galaxy S8。

S8是否有什么问题导致爆炸还是不会爆炸? 只有一种方法可以找出——女士们和男士,这就是是拆卸时间。



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这个拆解是不是维修指南。 要维修你的的Samsung Galaxy S8,请使用我们的服务手册

三星似乎已经全力以赴来提供相同的智能手机体验,无论您的屏幕尺寸偏好如何,而Galaxy S8的规格都表明了这一点。 这看起来很熟悉吗?
  • 三星似乎已经全力以赴来提供相同的智能手机体验,无论您的屏幕尺寸偏好如何,而Galaxy S8的规格都表明了这一点。 这看起来很熟悉吗?

    • 5.8英寸,双曲面屏幕,2960x1440分辨率的Super AMOLED屏幕(570 ppi)

    • 高通骁龙835或者三星 Exynos 8895处理器,4GB内存

    • 1200万像素后置摄像头,支持双像素、自动对焦、录制4K视频,800万像素前置摄像头

    • 64GB的闪存,支持额外的MicroSD卡(最高支持256GB)

    • IP68级防水防尘

    • 安卓7.0(牛轧糖)


  • 除了尺寸外,S8看起来像是模仿S8+的外观。相似点包括:

    • 扬声器格栅和麦克风孔

    • USB-C充电端口和耳机插孔(苹果:0 个,三星:1个)

    • 虹膜识别装置/闪光灯组件

    • 后置摄像头

    • 指纹识别装置

  • S8 是S7 Edge的安全演进——比如,摄像头和传感器所在位置,尺寸在参数上均非常相似。


  • 这款三星Galaxy S8再次采用了双面玻璃的设计,使我们的工作变得更加困难。我们通过加热面板,而且采用了大量撬棒。

  • 一旦我们得到一个缝隙,iSclack会帮助我们撬开其余的粘合剂(这将需要更换重新组装—*啊*)。

  • 现在我们到了三星Galaxy S8 +?这个家伙看起来很相似。

En el cristal trasero, ¿un mensaje oculto? ;P

Nasher87 - 回复

  • 后置指纹识别装置有一些争议。使用这个装置需要你去避开摄像头。

  • 好消息是,该装置是模块化的,可以从后壳上取下来更换。 所需要的只是一点点热量和一个恰到好处的推动。

  • 是否有软件来阻止更换这个装置,暂时还没有消息。


  • 与三星Galaxy S8 +一样,三星Galaxy S8采用了一些组合的多功能硬件。 扬声器/天线阵列,以及天线/ NFC线圈组件,在手机的中框的两侧。

  • 就像三星Galaxy S8 +,NFC天线大概还会做一个额外的工作,就是提供MST在任何POS机上的读卡器位置使用三星 Pay。

  • 我们几乎没有有用的东西在这里说 -手机 其余的部分看起来很像S8 +,直到线性振动器。这就像有人在洗衣服时将三星Galaxy S8+放在他们的口袋里并且出现了稍微的收缩,但是并不影响穿着。


  • 你会认为,在三星的电池记录不良的情况下,他们会为这些炸弹电池加上快速弹射系统。然而,电池被牢固地(是的,牢固地)粘在手机上的。

  • 三星品牌的电池容量为 11.55 Wh,与 Google Pixel 的 10.66 Wh 相当,但是明显强于(稍小一些的) iPhone 7 的 7.45 Wh 电池。

  • 容量的比较可能看起来很优秀,但报告似乎表明,实际的表现是没有什么可以欢呼的。


  • 在这些后期的Galaxy手机中,这块接口板会在主板上面。为什么不使这些事情变得更难?这样更有乐趣吗?

  • 主板已经取出来了,现在让我们看这根自三星Galaxy S7标配的热管。

  • 接口板配置与右边的三星Galaxy S8 +与模块化耳机插孔相匹配。

  • 鉴于我们已经了解了相机模组的秘密,因此,让我们来直接了解这些芯片。


  • 我们检查了S8的芯片来看它是否是三星Galaxy S8+的孪生兄弟:

    • 三星K3UH5H50MM-NGCJ 4GB LPDDR4内存覆盖在MSM8998 骁龙835上面

    • 东芝THGBF7G9L4LBATR 64GB UFS(闪存+控制器)

    • 高通Aqstic WCD9341媒体解码器

    • Skyworks 78160-11

    • 安华高AFEM-9066

    • 恩智浦80T71 NFC控制器


  • 在另一面我们发现了:

    • 村田KM6D28040 WIFI模块

    • 高通PM8998(类似于PM8920)

    • 高通WTR5975 RF收发器

    • 安华高AFEM-9053

    • IDT P9320S

    • Maxim MAX77838配套PMIC(类似于MAX77829)

IDT P9320S should be for wirless charging

austin6869tw - 回复

  • 这就是三星 Galaxy S8的全部组件,如果你还没猜到,我们将会有一个对S8+更详细的拆解,所以如果你准备好的话,请来观看它。

  • 这样,让我们给三星Galaxy S8的维修难度评分。


  • 许多组件都是模块化的,可以独立更换。
  • 电池可以更换,但坚韧的粘合剂和胶合的后面板使其出现不必要地困难。
  • 前玻璃和后玻璃容易出现破裂,并且两者之间的强粘合剂使得难以进入内部进行任何修理。
  • 由于弯曲的屏幕,更换前玻璃而不破坏显示器几乎是不可能的。



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With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, Samsung has begun building new "Wizard Lounges" at which Samsung officials can personally tell you "your phone is broken, buy a new one!"

George A. - 回复

+1 for the best review I have seen on this so far.

Kendall Paisley -

Very nice Photography!

Tecnopolis Magazine - 回复

I would like to know how heavy the battery is compared with the S7 battery and how big (volume) it is

Henning Holthusen - 回复

From memory, (did a teardown just recently,) the S8 Battery is significantly heavier than an S7 battery. It is quite a bit thinner however, so the added weight must be caused by the internals. I'm no expert on battery composition but I know for sure that S8 batteries are much more durable from a repairers point-of-view.

Harry Rowse -

Am I right in observing that the charging port flex module no longer has button ribbons that fold around the mid-frame and underneath the glass?

If so... techs everywhere are rejoicing right now.

kyle - 回复

Correct! That alone makes for a significantly more repairable phone. Once you get an S8-series phone open, removing the daughterboard/charging port is totally straightforward.

Jeff Suovanen -

So, I know a lot of you are going to be !#^&@@, but I got my S8 in the mail yesterday. I cracked the back glass about 45mins ago. Do any of you have any idea how much it is going to cost to fix it?

Johnathan Jones - 回复

Wow. Well, heres what I'd say. Your waterproofing is gone. Repairing it yourself is a no go because a replacement back is $100 and I could only find one seller on eBay. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/100-OEM-Origin...

Best send it to Samsung, keeping your waterproofing and warranty.

AdamA -

GG MALL Have already selling the S8 back glass one month before the galaxy s8 release LOL


ggmall -

My back glass got broken so it is repairable or not ? samsung S8

Abhishek Yadav - 回复

Is there any way to retrieve storage(photos, songs) if the phone was destroyed? Like taking it a apart

Gustavo Padilla - 回复

Also broke the back glass 1st day I had it. Thinking major design flaw, because I haven' t even dropped the phone yet! Can't count the number of times my S7 flew off my lap as I got out of the car without breaking. Don't know exactly when it got broken. Only thing I can think is if I set down the oculus with the phone still in it and the extra weight broke it.

Ed Burie - 回复

Have had my S8 4 days and front glass broke today. I was sitting in chair at a meeting using the stop watch and the phone slid off my lap onto a carpeted floor. It wasn't a long fall - was very close to the ground when it happened and it hit softly. I can't find replacement glass parts anywhere online and after reading this, it sounds like I should go the insurance route instead.

drkandcjk - 回复

Amazon offers oem replacement parts, in large selections. I was able to purchase a new back glass & new front glass (w tools and a roll of adhesive included) both for under $45. Roughly $20 per item.

Melissa Shupe -

I encounter the same issue less than two weeks of new S8 slipped out my hand with a low drop and craked along the side. Got insurance and replacement was for only $49.99 which I was told there was not a service provided here in las vegas. I was mad as heck !!! and got my refund insurance money back and cancel policy. I checked around town for replacement and was told it would cost over $150.00 for screen replacement which was crazy ridculous. As of today I still using my racked screen . Today I was told that I need a mircophone/speaker fixed and I hate to see the cost for that. These new slim S8, S9 and new cell looks great but easy to break and not worth the price for replacement.

darcar789 -

I had my 5 day old phone slide out of my hands in the driveway. The back of the phone is smashed and cut me. How do i replace the back?

Mandy - 回复

Sweet mother of jesus--we can replace the usb port without taking off the screen??!! Oh happy day. BTW, ifixit, when removing a camera, DON'T PUT YOUR THUMB ON THE LENS

Javan Pohl - 回复

There is a dirt gets into my upper mic hole, and I cannot take it out. It drives me crazy. If I see the structure of the mic canal here, the mic and the membrane do not face directly to the outside, but make a 90° angle. So can I assume if the canal is safe even if a tusk enters it?

ahmad_rasis_mardhi - 回复

Any idea US model LCD and touch module is compatible with UK and other international model?

Saurabh - 回复

the LCD is the same

ggmall -

Glass is made of sand. How can that piece of crap without even an optimized OS cost more than an iPhone? lol

Doctor Apple - 回复

Kys please..

Bogdan Lol -

Thanks Bogdan for your riveting reply. The glass isn't easy to remove on its own, but it is possible. It is much easier once you've gutted the phone, as you can bend and twist the frame ever-so-slightly to loosen the adhesive on the device without compromising the LCD. The phone definitely performs well, but its build quality might be a little bit underwhelming to anyone with an eye for that sort of stuff. For the average consumer, eh, who cares about a bit of lag?

Harry Rowse -

Had phone for a couple weeks. Never dropped and take great care of it. Already has a crack on the back around the center of the screen. Maybe from bumping into my keys that might have been in my pocket. How did Samsung think this would fly? Leaving on my desk untouched till I get a super case for this thing. Very frustrating.

flibbertig155 - 回复

i feel like shame on you for having a full glass phone and not having some kind of case from the get :( but the main reason that they make the rear panel glass is to enable easy wireless charging. A metal backing would not be able to freely wireless charge.

Mike Craanen Jr -

is there any heat pipe ..... is it more effective than previous models ... specially on VR

jihad khorfan - 回复

Yep the heatpipe is still around, you can see it in the second photo on step 7 under the motherboard, looked about the same as the S7 pipe to our eyes.

Sam Lionheart -

Funny to see all these (obviously non LG) users complain about the "difficulties" of using a rear-panel-located button. Here's a simple trick that might make you feel stupid: step 1) with your right hand holding the phone, place your index finger on the rear edge of the phone (the left side if the screen is facing your--the side the fingerprint reader is closest to); step 2) slide your finger until you feel the fingerprint sensor. VOILA!! No need to smudge up your camera.

Javan Pohl - 回复

The curved screen really has no advantage, and actually catches reflections much worse.

Peter Zpat - 回复

I had this phone for 2 days and it slid off of every surface I placed it on, unless the surface was perfectly flat . This is a defect in the design. It is too slippery to use without a case. Now I have a cracked back case and have probably lost wayerproofing. I am going to complain to Samsung.

Ralph - 回复

Hey Ralph!

I have noticed some S8 handsets do actually have concave rear panels. It is very very slight, barely noticeable to the naked eye. The only way I've tested it is with a small ball bearing. The bearing would always roll directly to the center of the rear panel. Because of this, the phone sometimes builds up an air cushion, making it slide like an air-hockey puck. A case for these phones is an absolute must! They are 95% made up of extremely fragile glass, probably intentionally. If Samsung refuses warranty, and offers service, do your best to decline, and check out a local third party repair store. Rather give local business a chance over Samsung!

Harry Rowse -

Hola!, tengo un S8+ modelo G955F, se daño el integrado Qualcomm WTR5975 RF Transceiver, quiero saber donde lo puedo conseguir?

Tecnocell Ventas - 回复

I have dropped my device 2 times with basic Verizon case that came with it and worthless screen protector. Sounds like I got lucky no cracks. I ended up putting qmadix liquid screen protector $39 since regular tempered glass wouldn't adhere. I like the surface the qmadix has made 9H Sapphire hard seams last 2 weeks no scratches,less smudges, easy to apply no bubbles and antimicrobial!!!

Adam Lindenfelser - 回复

Is it possible to replace the WiFi module? My phone is 3 months old and the WiFi will not turn on. Took it to Samsung Experience Store to have it flashed and it came back from them as "rooted" and now Samsung won't touch it

Scott Binder - 回复

this taredown doesn't show the front facing camera module or the iris scanner.

Philip Perry - 回复

Can I use s8 battery to replace s6 or s7 battery?

Affandi Ali - 回复

what is the sram of this device

ne so - 回复

my phone entered in a safe mode and after the maintenance man remove the safe mode but after opened the phone for removing safe mode I can not charge my phone and the message is the charging will stop now because your phone is cold and will resume charging after getting warm my phone : Samsung S8+

Ahmad m homsi - 回复

Can I change the frame alone without having to change the display with it? I ask because i just dropped it and even though it has a case the frame is scratched and i would like to change it but i can’t find a frame without the glass.

Кристина Стоянова - 回复

Anyone try adding a magnet plate for the magnetic carmounts under the back glass? Would it fit?

Pedro Pablo Fortes - 回复

Is there enough room to add a magnetic plate under the back glass in order to use it with a magnet car mount?

I know it would interfere with wireless charging, just interested in know if one would fit under there.


Pedro Pablo Fortes - 回复

I have my s8 phone and today it slid off and the front glass has smashed (Touch screen) and i wanna know how much it costs me and which is the best store to do that

wasfi shari - 回复

Samething happened to me a few weeks of purchasing new S8 last year. I was told over $150.00 for replacement screen which is crazy. Today trouble shooting told me my speaker not working and I cannot imagine the cost. New design cells is easily to break and costly . After this contract done or if I decide to pay off ahead of time I’m going back to an older cell and doing prepay no contract or track phone. done with all cell provider which a big ripoff and lies.

darcar789 -

At wich temp the glue will loose its grip?

is a common hairdryer sufficient?

boosnie - 回复

@boosnie Hair dryer and patience will work fine. It takes quite a bit of heat to soften the glue securing the rear cover. Remember, this is a teardown, not a guide—the guides are over here. ;)

Jeff Suovanen -

I manage to replace a few of the galaxy s8 screen while removing only 3 screw !! I made a small video about it. it’s not perfect but you should save at least half the time while replacing it!!!!


Jeff Gravel - 回复



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