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I can't receive text from some phones

I have a Samsung Galaxy j7 Sky Pro using a Total Wireless phone card. People will receive my text but I don't get their reply. This only applies to certain phones.

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This could be a carrier issue. I have seen before where there is an issue in the system that needs corrected. I used to work for a call center for a major carrier and had to send people to the second tier Tech to get the issue resolved. You may need to call your carrier on this issue. But be warned call from a different phone not the one with the issue.


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Thank you SO much. I bought the phone and phone card at Walmart. I'm am calling them now.

Did you you get the issue resolved?

I bought the phone and Total Wireless card at Walmart. The gentleman that set it all up for me including getting my original phone number from Verizon will be back at work tomorrow (Tuesday). I am going to begin with him. So far the only phones that I know of that can't text me are the older I phones. Thank you for checking back! I will be sure and update when I have a resolution.

Here is how my situation was resolved! All of my issues were because I went from an I Phone to an android. We had to go into my old I Phone and un-register my I message then I had to go back into my old phone and turn off the MMS and the SMS. Now, (I think) and can get messages from everyone. Thank you Brent for your help.

Glad you got the issue resolved if. If you could please mark this as the answer.




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