Repair guides for Android cell phones manufactured by ZTE.

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Searching for screen repair instructions for ZTE Blade V8 pro

I shattered the glass on my ZTE Blade V8 Pro and cannot repair instructions anywhere on the web, came here looking for some help.

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if you are looking for a step by step guide on screen replacement for this phone there isn't one yet. But if you are a little bit tech savvy. You can look up to ZTE V7 screen replacement.


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Block Image

Here is a quick diagram of the phone broken down. You will have to break it down to frame and lcd display, then I'm guessing you have to heat gun + pry the lcd off of the frame. Be careful of the bottom logic board (bottom right inside the frame). It appears to be adhesived to the frame (so light heat for prying), and it has two flex cables attached to it.

You will also have to detach the flex cables from the lcd to the frame when heat prying it off. Take note of the flex cables look and location on the replacement part. It will help you locate them in the phone during the removal process of the shattered screen:

Good luck and God Bless!!!


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Actually, there are four flex cables needing to be detached in the upper part of the phone when removing the motherboard.


I did this repair and the screen works. But after I lock the screen and unlock it again, the touch won't work. Then I have to force restart the phone to make the touch work again. But it only keeps working until I lock the phone..

It's the 3rd screen I ordered for this phone, but it won't change...

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

It sounds like a software issue then.

Either that or your parts are defective. I've never heard of three separate orders being defective though, but I'm leaning more towards a software issue.

You could try going to the manufacturer website and getting a chat session going with support.



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