The Google Pixel is Google's first flagship phone, released on October 20, 2016. The 5-inch AMOLED display device comes with 32 and 128 GB storage options and is available in three colors; Very Silver, Quite Black, and Really Blue.

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  • 无法连接到Wifi;
  • 无法使用运营商的网络语音通话;



  • 摔之前是Android 7.x,恢复原厂n次无效;
  • 用移动网络流量硬生生升级到Android 8.0,问题依旧;
  • Wifi开启时,能找到预设的热点,状态就是重复连接然后重复不成功;


English Version

After falling, the shell and the screen were not hurt too much, but from then on:

  • Can not connect to Wifi;
  • Can not use the China Unicom network voice calls;

Can only be through the mobile network, how to do?

The supplement is:

  • Before the fall is Android 7.x, restore the original n times invalid;
  • With mobile network traffic abrupt upgrade to Android 8.0, the problem remains the same;
  • Wifi open, you can find the default hot spots, the state is repeated and then repeat the unsuccessful;

Seek the guidance of the great guy. Thanks!

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1. You enter standby phone menu key settings - call settings - other settings - caller ID - Network default settings.

2. Please turn off your cell phone, reinstall the SIM card or change the SIM card operation.

3.Cchange the location of other locations to try.

4. Detection of mobile phone network

5. If there will be the same problem, please restore the machine to the factory settings, set - reset - restore the factory (but because the machine resumed the factory setting will lose all the data in the phone, it is suggested that you advance the important data such as the phone book, video, picture and so on).

6. I suggest your firmware upgrade attempt. (settings - on equipment - system updates)


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这是Pixel主板的设计缺陷,我跟深圳的维修商家交流过。对方说Pixel的主板设计得太脆,经不起摔,且内部芯片和线路存在缺陷,Wifi断线、反向充电(插充电器不充电,只能关机充)问题很多。我也因为2.4G Wifi连不上去专门修过,花了200块钱,最终确实解决了问题。网上什么重置网络设置,安全模式,拔SIM卡等等方法都没用的,别浪费时间试了。

For English friends if you need:

This was a design flaw comes together with 1st gen Pixel. I communicated with repair engineer at Shenzhen, and he said Pixel’s motherboard is too fragile to tolerate falling and there are flaws in chips. Wifi connection failure, reversed charging (cannot charge while plug in, must shut down before charging) issue has affected many people. I was also looking for reparing of 2.4G Wifi connection issue. It cost me 200 RMB and actually solved. Those tips and steps on the Internet such as reset network settings, safe mode, remove SIM card, etc., will be uselesss. Please don’t waste your time on trying those meaningless things.


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