Wifi Board Controller connectivity issues

My console had this issue where my remove would lose connectivity with the console. It wouldn't power down or turn off just disconnect and reconnect. Which is quite awful. As per many write ups and lots of research, I replaced my wifi board which a unit from iFixit! After reassembling the console, I was able to play for a solid 2 hours and everything was awesome. The second time I tried to play anything I having the same connectivity issues and now get randomly booted off XBL when the controller disconnects. Is it possible the second wifi board is dead or do I have a bigger issue? Please help!

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Is ur wifi good? I have this same problem. It depends on what game u r playing, how much activity there is, and how many people there r when it disconnects.

Wifi is perfect, no other devices connected other than my xbox and i still have the same issues :(

Oh. U mean remote instead of remove. Duh. Did u try a different controller?

Multiple controllers, no other electronics on wifi... Im at a lose

I am not to sure, but I think the remotes connect with bluetooth. Is the wifi and bluetooth integrated on the same board? I will ask this question on ifixit and see what I can get. It might be a bit so hang in there. I will try to get this fixed.




Is your Xbox up to date? Out of date; controller software or the software on the xbox itself might be an issue. uplug the xbox whille its of wait 30 s and repluc and turn on, this will load the screen, and perhaps some updates you mights have missed they have been 2 lateley.


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No matter what, xbox always auto updates. And if you try playing with a controller that is not up-to-date, then it will auto update so that you can play. He was also able to play for a short period of time. Didn't you have that with your xbox?

No, I always had to do the unplug situation; if its not software, must be the controller possible some interior physical damage. Dropped the controller recently or ..... thrown it?

Yes but he said he used multiple controllers. It could still be a possibility though but more slim with two or more controllers.

We could also entertain the idea; that the console may be the issue as well. Its like, when you have wifi issues if all things are connect with no issue and one device isnt its the device, if its all then you reset the modem. You should try connecting the controller to a friends XBOX as a test. If it connects then ist the console

Yes, binary exclusion. But what if u are like me and you don't have friends?



Just replied wifi board with "new" one from iFixit

And the disconnect issue still persists


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Games like Fortnite and Cod Bo3 are the games I’m having trouble with. My controller will disconnect and I know from there that either the game will crash in a few seconds or it will put me at the home screen if the game. It tells me that my WiFi connection doesn’t exist but clearly my wifi is fine. It will then proceed to reconnect 5 seconds later. I find it annoying because it is becoming more predominant.


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