Microsoft's third-generation Xbox game console, released November 22, 2013.

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On start up I get a error code e102

Every time I start up my Xbox one I get a error code e102 even a hard reset or a factory reset it shows the same error code. I tried the USB offline update and the factory reset USB and it did not work. I'm starting to think it had something to do with that Preview Dashboard Program, I was getting to many updates and I don't think all of them installed correctly. I sometimes couldn't keep it on the internet 24/7 so I left the program and it is showing startup error code.

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I got the 102 error code. It took bout 10 failures but eventually one of them worked and my console is now working. I've had to do a number of factory resets for other reasons over the past year so i think there is some other underlying problem. t least i don't have to buy a new system just yet.


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When you are doing an offline factory reset or "reinstall" you have to be sure the version you are installing is the same or newer than the version you have installed. On the recovery screen the version that is currently installed is displayed at the bottom of the screen (ex. "rs1_xbox_rel_....").

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I've seen people having trouble with the updates not working because the download from MS gets corrupt also, but you can usually tell that when you unzip it (errors appear).

I have also had offline updates not install because of bad or corrupt hard drives. Sometimes reformatting the hard drive (restoring it back to original partitions and OS afterward) does the trick, but I wouldn't recommend this unless you are familiar with partitioning, hard drive setup, and running drive commands inside Linux.

You may also find a solution with this system error troubleshooting guide.


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Sorry? Not sure what you mean. Just exited to help.

@allergy_boy you may want to consider no longer adding the same link to all of your answers. You are truly starting to spam.



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